June 2024 Catalog Highlights (For August Release)

We went through the 1,000+ June catalog items to pick out the potentially best and brightest comics. Take a look below to see what is on tap:

Tons of cool new series and series relaunches. Some really cool covers. A couple of books worth looking out for. Check out what is on tap:

New Series/#1’s
Babs #1 – From legendary writer Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher) and superstar artist Jacen Burrows (Crossed, The Punisher): Meet Babs, a barbarian thief with an itchy metal wardrobe and the world’s worst enchanted sword (named Barry). Together they travel a fantastic landscape of wizards, dragons, demons, castles-and a band of very angry, very white knights. Babs wasn’t looking for a fight, but she’s never found a bad situation she couldn’t make 100 times worse!

Big Guns Stupid Rednecks #1 – After a string of unexplained disappearances in the southern parts of the United States retired detective Clint searches for his white trash brother. While searching for him he ends up being abducted… by aliens! He is now in the arena for Big Gunes Stupid Rednecks. Intergalactic cable’s newest hit show which puts humans in laser gun gladiatorial combat and his brother is the reigning champion with 27 kills!

Blood Hunters #1 – Yes, another series, but this time they will be a team.

Chasm Curse of Kaine #1 – BATTLE OF THE CLONES! Kaine Parker is on a mission to track down his fellow clone Ben Reilly. But has becoming Chasm made Ben beyond saving? Or is there an even more menacing presence pulling his strings?

Convert #1 – Science Officer Orrin Kutela finds himself stranded on a distant planet, starving and haunted by the ghosts of his dead crew. On the verge of death, he makes an astonishing discovery. Veteran writer John Arcudi (Rumble, B.P.R.D.) and illustrator Savanna Finley bring you a sci-fi/fantasy comic like no other.

Cryptology #1 – Greetings, creep culturists! For my debut issue, I, the Cryptologist, have exhumed the worst Horror Comics excesses of the 1950s, Killer ‘B’ movies to die for, and the creepiest, kookiest toys that crossed your boney little fingers as a child! But wait… do you dare enter the House of Usher, or choose sides in the skirmish between the Addams Family and The Munsters?! Can you stand to gaze at Warren magazine frontispieces by this issue’s cover artist Bernie Wrightson, or spend some Hammer Time with that studio’s most frightening films? And if Atlas pre-code covers or terrifying science-fiction are more than you can take, stay away! All this, and more, is lurching toward you in TwoMorrows Publishing’s latest, and most decrepit, magazine – just for retro horror fans

Cursed Library Alpha #1 – All the Archie Horror one-shots have lead up to this. HE CURSED LIBRARY! When we last left off in Madam Satan: Hell on Earth, Jinx has the former Queen of the Underworld trapped in the mysterious library, as her father-bestowed demon powers have intensified. To stop Jinx from becoming like her father, her best friend Danni Malloy must rescue and convince Madam Satan to guide her through Hell itself to find the one thing that can possibly save her friend’s soul–Jinx’s mom. Along the way, they’ll also discover a number of faces they’ve seen before, though only in the pages of the terrifying tomes within the cursed library. This three-issue miniseries horror event tells a story about the bonds that tie us together and how the only thing that can save the world from evil is radical love. It’s Riverdale’s Return of the Jedi meets Dante’s Inferno. A three-part event that will close the door on the Cursed Library and usher in a whole new chapter of horror stories.

Damaged People #1 – In the first episode, we will learn the story of Abigail, a boring and lonely girl who spends her days scaring people until his life changes completely when he meets Mary, a ghost girl. A gothic romance in the 90’s, with dark places, flowers, and two damaged people.

DC vs Vampires World War V #1 It’s the dead of winter, and any hope for a fragile truce between the Green Arrow-led human heroes and vampire queen Barbara Gordon’s army has been dashed by Damian Wayne and his guerrilla fighters. He’s the only one fighting back against the bloodthirsty hordes, leaving Green Arrow with a choice: Does he stand and fight or sacrifice the boy in the name of peace?

Deadly Trails #1 – A dark gloom overshadows the town of Bannack where the clouds seem to be an omen of death. Recently deceased but no longer among the dead, Clay is back and out for vengeance.

Duck and Cover #1 – A manga-influenced teen adventure set in the strange post-apocalyptic America… of 1955. From the team behind the seminal Vertigo series American Vampire! A post-apocalyptic adventure series with a historical twist.

Ec Cruel Universe #1 – Second series in the new EC launch.

Exceptional X-Men #1 – New X-Men series.

Garfield #1 – Generations of kids read Garfield in their school libraries and in the Sunday funnies. He returns to the comic page again.

Goatman Trilogy Rise of the Goatman #1 – A young family spend their holiday in a cabin in the woods but their daughter discovers a diary from the previous owner, revealing it’s true haunting past.

Gotham City Sirens #1 – Can’t promise it will be anywhere close to the first series, but GCS returns.

Hellmask #1 – Fresh from Hellmask’s first appearance in the Verotik 30th Anniversary Comic, Danzig & Bisley’s Hellmask gets his own book! Their first Sword & Sorcery character since the incredible Death Dealer #1, Hellmask cuts a bloody path of carnage and brutality through the kingdom’s enemies.

Huge Detective #1 – After a race of giants emerged from deep sleep beneath the earth, a bloody conflict ensued in what became known as THE OMEGA EVENT. Eventually, a treaty is resolved and state of Brobdingnag is created, allowing humans and giants to co-exist harmoniously. Yet tragedy threatens to shatter the peace, and an unlikely partnership is formed between Detectives Tamaki and GYANT. As the pair attempt to stop the criminal AT LARGE, they find themselves involved in a mystery BIGGER than either could imagine.

Jenny Sparks #1 – What could four strangers have to do with the fate of the world? Find out as Captain Atom goes rogue, threatening to destroy the planet he once swore to protect. Can any hero stop him? Well, it may take the most unconventional of them all…Jenny Sparks, the one woman tasked with keeping ALL the heroes in line, no matter the cost. With a snap of her fingers, she’s entered the fray and won’t quit until the job is done! The Spirit of the 20th Century returns for the 21st

Lilith #1 – Lilith is an immortal who’s been banished from her home, a dimensional plane suspiciously similar to mankind’s idea of Hell. She’s been posing as a model on Earth while secretly preying on humans… that is, until she runs into Penelope, a sweet bookstore owner with a tome that might hold the secret to returning Lilith to her dimension. If the mismatched pair doesn’t end up falling in love first!

Phases of the Moon Knight #1 – Though he is among the most recent, Marc Spector is far from the first FIST OF KHONSHU! The true history and depth of the legacy of the Moon Knight has been shrouded in the mystery of antiquity UNTIL NOW! PHASES OF THE MOON KNIGHT begins with a story of the Moon Knight you know as he enacts his unique and violent vision of justice! PLUS! An all-new Moon Knight from the Marvel Universe’s ancient past: the Moon Knight of the Old Crusades!

Power Fantasy #1 – Superpowered.’ You have certain preconceptions. They’re incorrect. Here, that word has a specific technical definition. Namely, ‘any individual with the destructive capacity of the nuclear arsenal of the USA.’ There are six such people on Earth. The planet’s survival relies on them never coming into conflict.

Predator vs Black Panther #1 – Follow up to Wolverine crossover, the Predator goes to Wakanda to battle Black Panther.

Red Before Black #1 – Introducing the most unpredictable outlaw couple since Harley & Ivy! Red Before Black is a violent, hyper kinetic, women-led crime thriller reminiscent of 2000s-era Vertigo. On a special assignment from the FBI, disgraced army veteran Val is sent to Florida to hunt down an infamous drug runner named Leo. But she soon finds that they have an unexpected enemy in common, turning the game of cat and mouse into something else entirely!

Shi Return of the Warrior #1 – Bad Girl era She returns. Manhattan is gripped a series of gruesome copycat ‘Shi’ killings as escaped murderer Masahiro Arashi once again continues his notorious crimes of 25 years earlier. This forces single mother Ana Ishikawa to pick up the naginata once again and stop the psychotic samurai before he can consummate a murderous destiny. A destiny that ends with Ana’s own daughter.

Spider-Society #1 – Every Spider-Character you love! (and some you haven’t met yet!) May the first meeting of the Spider-Society commence! That’s right, every Spider-Character you love (and some you haven’t met yet) all show up in the same room for the most crazy meeting the Multiverse has ever seen. That’s right, every Spider-Person will be in the same room for the most crazy meeting the Multiverse has ever seen!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nightwatcher #1 – After making a dark debut in the Free Comic Book Day special, fans have one burning question: Who is the Nightwatcher? Violence and discrimination against mutants is running wild, and a new vigilante will rise up to combat itÂ… but who is this fearsome armored fighter standing bravely against the criminals who wish to harm mutants? From the brilliant mind of writer Juni Ba and astonishing artist Fero Pe comes an action-packed ongoing series that spins out of the pages of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to delve into the grim reality of New York City after the Mutagen Bomb and unveil the secrets behind the mask.

Ultraman X the Avengers #1 – THE GREATEST HERO OF JAPAN AND EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES JOIN FORCES FOR AN EPIC ADVENTURE! Spider-Man has disappeared from New York, an intergalactic invader has arrived on Ultraman’s doorstep and the Kaiju of Earth are acting even more mysteriously than usual. This can only mean one thing: It’s time for Ultraman to meet the Avengers! But what cosmic threat is great enough to require a team-up of Marvel’s mightiest champions and Japan’s greatest hero?

Uncanny X-Men #1 – PROFESSOR X…IS GONE! A core group of essential X-Men rise FROM THE ASHES to face a world without a home – and without Professor X! All bonds among the mutant community seem to be slipping away, and ROGUE reluctantly finds herself as the hero designated to bring them back together…but a fearless, malignant power is out there hunting mutants, and it has a terrible secret that may destroy what remains of the X-Men!

Venom War Zombiotes #1 – a darker strain of symbiote has slithered across New York City, one that can reanimate the dead and turn the living into an engine of mindless hunger with just one bite! That’s right – zombie symbiotes making symbiote zombies! And you thought they liked eating brains before!

Wolverine #1 – Wolverine kicks off with a new #1, a pretty cool Pat Gleason Adamantium Head Foil Variant cover.

Wolverine Revenge #1 – Greg Capullo makes his grand return to Marvel Comics storytelling as he and Jonathan Hickman pit WOLVERINE against a cadre of foes who will turn his world upside down! He’s been beaten! He’s been bloodied! And LOGAN only has one thought on his mind: REVENGE! Don’t miss this prestige miniseries, set to become one of the defining tales in Wolverine’s storied legend!

Woodstake #0 – Timed to release on the 55th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival, sink your teeth into Woodstake a brilliant horror/comedy about three days of peace, music, and blood. In the summer of 1969, an old and deadly vampire awakens as hippies unknowingly gather for the historic Woodstock Festival. Amidst the backdrop of peace signs and protest anthems, festival-goers are hunted in a chilling-but-hilarious adventure filled with music, mayhem, and vampires tripping hard on drug-infused hippie blood. Woodstake is a must-have series, masterfully blending 1960s counterculture, psychedelic imagery, vampire mythology, and biting humor into something truly special. Prepare for a wild ride of laughs and frights in Woodstake!

X-factor #1 – FAME, FORTUNE, MUTANTS! From the ashes of Krakoa, a new mutant arms race sweeps the globe! International governments are building their own mutant armies. But only America’s X-Factor has the most powerful, most patriotic, most marketable mutant heroes to stem the tide and make the world safe for democracy! Join Angel, Havok, Frenzy, Feral, Pyro and more as they go from one death-defying mission to another. Who will die? Who will fall in love? Who will be the first to sell out?

For the Cover

Action Comics #1068 (Cover D – Frank Cho Swimsuit Card Stock Variant) – I am not buying into these swimsuit covers…. but Frank Cho kills it with this hilarious one.

Batman #151 (Cover D – Jason Geyer & Alex Saviuk DC Super Powers Card Stock Variant) – Shirtless Batman action figure. Full of 70’s-80’s cheesy goodness.

Deadpool Team-Up #1 (of 5) (Amanda Conner Homage Variant)

Spider-Man Black Suit and Blood #1 (of 4) (Greg Land Variant) – Just a great looking MJ swinging with the black suited Spidey.

Notable Reprints
All New Collectors Edition #56 Facsimile Edition (Cover A – Neal Adams Wraparound) – DC is reprinting the Muhammad Ali vs Superman book. Awesome.

Amazing Spider-Man #259 Facsimile Ed – Peter Parker has been separated from the suit and is now back in the ol’ red-and-blues as he hunts for the Hobgoblin. But it’s out of costume where the real revelations await: Mary Jane Watson has known Peter’s dual identity for years, and now it’s time for her to share her own secrets with him! Meanwhile, Reed Richards continues to study the symbiote – which may be more intelligent than even he realizes! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

House of Secrets #92 Facsimile Edition (Cover A – Bernie Wrightson) – Facsimile edition of the first Swamp Thing appearance.

Police Comics #1 Facsimile Edition – First appearance of Plastic Man

Transformers #1 40th Annv Ed (Cover A – Sienkiewicz) – 40th anniversary reprint of Transformers #1

Universal Monsters Frankenstein #1 – A modern-day horror visionary resurrects one of the most iconic monsters. Award-winning creator Michael Walsh (The Silver Coin) presents an electrifying new vision of the horror classic. Each issue of the limited series tells the shocking story behind one of the body parts used to create the unforgettable monster in the original film. In this first issue, Dr. Henry Frankenstein begins his unholy quest to create life by robbing the grave of a decorated police officer. But little does he know that the corpse has a son who is mourning a father-and that this young boy will forever change Frankenstein’s life.

Themes of the Month
Disco Dazzler Themed Variants – Marvel goes all in on 70’s disco fashion on these covers.

Super Powers Card Stock Variant – DC puts out some really awesome Action Figure Variants this month. They are also putting out not as cool Swim Suit Variants

Ones to Watch
Incredible Hulk #15 – Introduction of the First Hulk. As Eldest’s plans draw Hulk ever nearer to Las Vegas, she remembers a time thousands of years ago. The terrible empire she ruled then until her fateful encounter with the first Hulk, ENKIDU, brought it all to ruin, making them enemies forever! Don’t miss the ORIGIN OF ELDEST

Venom #36 – An older Dylan Brock, aka Old Man Venom, makes his appearance.