Dirty D’s FOC 6/23/24

Hello my fellow CHU friends and family! It’s been a scorcher of a week (weather, not comics), so I hope everyone is finding ways to beat the heat! I can’t say the same for comic speculation for this weeks FOC, but as always we can still break down some sweet covers, good reads and just overall fun books that may be worth picking up in about 30 days time.




Captain America #11 (Weapon X-traction Variant)

We start things off with a nice cover swipe/homage of Hulk 340. I’m sure this will be a popular cover his month. Dirty D Cover-of-the-Week!!



Superman #16 (Villalobos Variant)

Zatanna makes a guest appearance in this issue, so there are multiple covers with her featured. I find that this Lobos cover stands out above them all.


Number Ones


Venom War #1

Eddie Brock and his son Dylan are going head-to-head, determined to be the one, true Venom! Father versus son in a showdown of showdowns that threatens to tear the world asunder!

I believe this is a 5 book limited series that also splinters off into other “Venom War” minis. Take your pick of covers on this. There are quite a few.



Nyx #1 1

This is a book about mutants living past the end of their world and into a new beginning. This is MS. MARVEL embracing her mutant life in the neon streets of the Lower East Side. This is ANOLE trying to keep his head above water. This is WOLVERINE in the shadows of Bushwick, protecting her own. This is PRODIGY writing history as it happens – and SOPHIE CUCKOO finding her own way.

A new ongoing series set in Mutant Town, District X, NYC.

Also multiple covers. Take your pick.



Dark Knights of Steel Allwinter #1 (of 6)

The legendary assassin Deathstroke stalks a frozen wasteland, killing for coin among a nation of ever-warring jarls. But when our murderer for hire finds himself cast in the role of reluctant guardian, will he fight to end the icy curse destroying his land or be consumed by the sins of his own dark past?

The Dark Knights of Steel epic expands into new territories featuring Deathstroke.




Crisis on Infinite Earths #4 (Facsimile – Foil Variant)

For those collecting the Foil versions of this series facsimile’d.



Secret Wars #8 (Facsimile – Foil Variant) 1

It took 8 months to get here…FINALLY Secret Wars 8 foil fax edition. Should look spectacular with that red cover!



Scarlett #1 (of 5) (2nd Printing Cover A)

For those like myself who prefer the Jason Howard white background character Spotlight 2nd print covers for Energon Universe books, Scarlett #1 follows suit. Cover A features Scarlett and Cover B (my favorite) features Stormshadow.

Cover C is also a nice Howard cover featuring the two above, plus Snowjob (one of the best Joe names…) and the ninja Jinx who were both re-introduced in this issue.


Scarlett #1 (of 5) (2nd Printing Cover B) 1


Scarlett #1 (of 5) (2nd Printing Cover C)


Pick of the Week


Dusk #1 4

Blackstone. A city whose history dates back to the earliest days of our nation. Below its abandoned skyscrapers and crumbling colonial architecture, beneath the buzzing lights and ragged billboards, the metropolis is propped up by corruption and fear. Blackstone public defender Jaime Nuñez – former baseball hero, now a divorced dad – is always trying to do his best. When Jaime comes into an unexpected fortune and some surprising, super heroic tools, he discovers there might be another, more direct way to do some actual good in the world. But can the masked man known only as The Dusk push back against decades of entrenched corruption without compromising his commitment to social justice?

No books really stood out to me having much potential short or long term…so I fully admit this a bit of a long shot. That being said, The Dusk is an interesting book. Sort of borrows from Batman origin, and it’s by Scout whose track record isn’t great for speculation, but they don’t have much history with super hero stories. Also, like other previous scout titles they are just publishing issue #1, then going straight to TPB for the series. Which means shops may not be interested in ordering many copies if it’s not going to draw in customers monthly…this could fly under the radar for a while.

But it is a super hero book, and that means TV Series/Movie potential. Might be worth grabbing a copy. You never know, might even be a good read.

The variant cover features an additional female character (side kick?), so worth a look as well.


Dusk #1 (Cover B)


Honorable Mention


Star Wars Darth Vader #48

It is said there can be only two SITH, the EMPEROR AND DARTH VADER. But could it someday be PALPATINE and LUKE SKYWALKER? Or Vader and his son?

I was thinking the other day, if you look at all the Jedi is there one that hasn’t been either tempted by the dark side or “lost their way” to some degree…whether it be supporting children be “taken” from their families, or allowing themselves to essentially become soldiers to war? Luke may be the only one that’s never been “corrupted” by other Jedi…He’s never been a Padawan to a “master” and only spent limited time being trained and influenced by other Jedi…basically he essentially has been free to figure out his own path for the most part.

Then this books solicitation comes out eluding he may be joining the dark side, so as Force Ghost Ben once said…”l was wrong…”.

Either way, we know Luke’s temptation will be fleeting at best…could be a fun read, so I’ll throw this book into the mix for those who may be curious what a Dark Side Luke May look like.

And on that note, have a great week everyone…stay cool!