Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 6/26/2024

Every week, tons of new books hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery this Wednesday

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What is up Wednesday Warriors? Somewhat slower week, so have to tamper some expectations, here is what is on tap:

New Series/#1’s
Godzilla Here There Be Dragons II Sons Of Giants #1 – First series was an awesome mix of pirates and Godzilla, looking forward to the next chapter.

Neil Gaimans Anansi Boys I #1 – New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman joins forces with Eisner nominated Adora writer Marc Bernardin and Thief of Thieves cocreator Shawn Martinbrough to adapt Gaiman’s Locus and British Fantasy Award-winning novel as a comic book series for the first time-and soon to be a television show on Amazon Prime! “Fat” Charlie Nancy leads a boring life as a boring Londoner, until he discovers two things: That his recently deceased father was, in fact, Anansi the Spider, the trickster god of African folklore, and that he has a twin brother he’s never met. Which kicks off a reality-spanning odyssey of sibling rivalry, jealous deities, and one poor soul who’ll realize what it means to be a god.

Resident Alien Book Of Life #1 – In this new series, everything does change for small town alien-in-hiding Harry Vanderspiegel! The latest mesmerizing Resident Alien outing from writer Peter Hogan and artist Steve Parkhouse sees Auntie Asta become Mother Asta, and Harry cosplays as Jason Voorhees before he makes a surprising plea to his home planet.

Zatanna Bring Down The House #1 – And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…please put your hands together for Zatanna Zatara! The greatest entertainer in the crappiest hotel and casino of Las Vegas! Not that the ritzier spots on the Strip haven’t come calling, of course. But since a devastating instance of magic gone wrong that forever changed the course of her childhood, Zatanna would much rather live out her days as a top-hat-and-fishnets-wearing sleight-of-hand stage act than bother with real magic. These days, she doesn’t think much of the past at all. That is, until an interdimensional vortex cracks open during Zatanna’s act, and a terrifying demon crawls out to kill her. If she hopes to survive the horrors that follow it, she’ll need to take herself and her power seriously for the first time in a long time–and fast. Because when it comes to your past, you can run…but you can’t hide forever!

One and Done
Absolute Power Ground Zero #1 – As the DC Universe braces for the “Absolute Power” blitzkrieg, the key to capturing metahuman powers on planet Earth will at last be unlocked! Bridging the events of Batman, Superman: House of Brainiac, and Suicide Squad: Dream Team, this special oversize GROUND ZERO issue brings Waller’s total dominance to the doorsteps of the world’s finest heroes…using the combined might of FAILSAFE, BRAINIAC QUEEN, and the SUICIDE SQUAD to do it! Witness years of storytelling culminate.

For the Cover

Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider #2 Stephanie Hans Black Costume Cover – Just a cool alternate costume cover by a fan favorite artist.

Notable Reprints
Godzilla King Of The Monsters #1 Facsimile Edition – Reprinting the first appearance of Godzilla in comics.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Gatchaman #1 – At one point, the most well known anime in the US, now as Battle of the Planets, returns to comics from Madcave. Fan favorite Gen X cartoon could have nostalgia factor.

Pick of the Week
Thanos Annual #1 – The Infinity Watch storyline kicks off with this annual. Thanos is in for a shock when he discovers that the Infinity Stones have been incorporated into actual people like STAR, QUANTUM, OVERTIME, PRINCE OF POWER and MULTITUDE! But wait, there are six Infinity Stones but only five people listed?!