Dirty D’s F.O.C. (6/30/24)

Hey CHU! Finally a week with a good blend of great covers and some new reads worthy of some speculation. It’s been a while. Let’s go!




Discover the untold story of what led Amanda Waller to form the TRINITY OF EVIL and take down Earth’s Super Heroes! It’s the Suicide Squad’s founder as you’ve never seen her before, in an all-new companion miniseries to the Absolute Power event. The definitive history of one of the DCU’s deadliest villains is at last revealed!

This looks to be a good read, but it’s the cover I’m highlighting here. Irvin Rodriguez hits this one out of the park. This looks like a photograph until you look closely at the detail. I have seen artists take photos and use software to turn them into ”paintings”, but to do it right still takes skill and talent. That might be what was done here, but it’s still stands out above the rest. Dirty D Cover of the Week!



Doesn’t compare to issue 52’s homage, but I do like the green and purple against the black with silver web background.



Redefining Widow’s relationship with her symbiote, and setting the stage for her appearance in Venom War!

These “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” variants are a little over done, but this one is a nice little homage to ASM 238.



Another Hulk 340 Mcfarlane homage, this time It’s Wolverine in the reflection of Deadpool’s blades…



Speaking of homages, how about this one of Donald Duck posing in the classic Wolverine Limited #1? With the popularity of the Disney 100 year anniversary variants over the past year, it was only a matter of time before we get some cross over/mashup stories to go with it.

This is the first in a series of what if Donald Duck one shots. But you have to think with Donald’s temper Wolverine is his best fit. I’m sure more Disney character mashup stories are coming as well.



Covers within-a-cover books are always interesting. Not sure I’ve seen a cgc slab cover art before like this. I pity the fool who sends this in and gets a 9.9. (DOH!!).



Cover art isn’t great. But cover G is a “Prismatic Gloss”. Could be cool, for those into gimmick covers.


New Ones


Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno shocked the comics industry and unleashed a classic of contemporary horror…and no matter what you might think is coming, you aren’t ready for their second act!

Sequel to Nice House by the Lake. Same creative crew.



What happens when you find out you’re not the only Hellspawn? What if you also find out you’re not the coolest Hellspawn? Easy-you kill them all!

Fun book. $2.99 cover price to boot. The B cover is McFarlane, but it is very different style we’re used to seeing from him.



Indy Spotlights


From the publisher that drove Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, and many more into the depraved hearts of an unsuspecting world, the immortal EC COMICS returns . . . with its first ALL-NEW series in nearly 70 years! In our first extra-sized, 40-page dose of fear, witness shocking tales of torment and tension in the undying EC tradition-as wrenched from the grave.

For fans of pre-code horror, this is great news. Eclipse Comics (under Orion) with new material. Could have some spec value if it goes under the radar.


Pick of the Week


Darkness is a brand new monthly anthology series featuring what BOOM! Studios is known for – the best in modern Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery, not to mention the darkest stories yet from an all-star cast of creators! Everything from primal fears to modern political horrors will be awakened, in the classic style of Creepy and Eerie and the contemporary chills of Black Mirror.

In addition, a deadly new Something is Killing the Children story unfolds in the first 6 issues, along with a bone-rattling new serialized tale by Garth Ennis and Becky Cloonan for the first 7!

All sorts of potential here. Not to mention a great cover A, and the FOC variant by Jeff Dekal is bizzare as it is intriguing. Dirty D Pick-of-the-Week, for sure.



Parting Thoughts

That’s it for this week, CHU! Later!