Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth 2nd print print run

Ken Kristensen posted on a message board a few minutes ago the print run on the 2nd print number 1 is about 5,000 copies. This makes the 2nd print #1 the smallest printed book in the series and really worth picking up (see what Rachel Rising #1 3rd print did.)

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth Print Run

Thanks to Mark for these. Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth sold out its first two issues early on. With news of the impending TV show, its not a bad idea to look at the print run numbers. The second issue of the series, which typically drops off in size, is the smallest of the run. With about 7800 first print copies this book could really shoot up if the TV show works out. I can account for at least 7800 people hoping it does.

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Todd The Ugliest Kid on Earth shoot up to $30

We told you on the 13th that some serious rumblings have been going around, straight from the creative team, that Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth looked like it was going to be picked up as an animated tv series. Since the rumor got out Amazon sold out of the copies it had listed. And has since got new copies listed. All the cheap copies have disappeared off eBay. The copies of #1 that have bids on them are all in the $30 dollar range. With news hitting today of the tv series, looks like prices may be set to jump again. There are currently very few copies of the first print #1 on eBay.

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Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth Tv Show?

Magic 8-ball says, “looking good.” News will be released Moday that ‘Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth’ may be coming to tv. Looks like a deal is in the works and the creative team will be releasing the scoop soon. ‘Todd’ is an Image Comics series that had good initial buzz and saw a price jump shortly after the first issue sold out. Then the second issue sold out. We will have full news once we get the update on Monday about the when’s and where’s.

Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth #1 is available on Amazon but copies have been snatched up fast.