Diamond Comics Advanced Reorder List 4/18/13

One way to gauge how hot a comic is/will be is by the Diamond Comics advanced reorder list. His is a list of the top 25 most reordered comics before the release of the books. We post and analyze the list each week bringing you the highlights.

1. INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US #1 3RD PTG: first printing for the sold out video game tie is is a solid $20 book.

2. BATMAN AND RED HOOD #20: Aftermath of the death of Robin continues.

3. WALKING DEAD #110 (MR): this is the big one on the list folks. Walking Dead is always a good bet to pick up at least two copies of. This one features a showdown between Michonne and King Ezekiel

4. ÜBER #0 ENHANCED ED: Another good one to pick up. This is the second and final printing of the already hot Über #0. This version has more pages with bonuses and is limited to 7500 copies?

7. SEX #2 2ND PTG: Hot series and in demand. Will see back issue prices shoot up as series continues.

8. POLARITY #1 2ND PTG: great first issue moves to second print. Already some movement on the secondary market.

10. MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #2 3RD PTG: the hipsters love ponies

20. GRIMM #1: TV show tie in could bring the shows fans and fans of Fables

21. BLACK BEETLE #4: End of the first already hot mini-series

EAST OF WEST #3 : Some retailers are still trying to scramble to get enough copies of the third book in this hot series to cover the demand.

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