Picks of the week 6/5/13


Going into this week, I thought it was going to be a light week for speculation. When I got into the shipping list I saw that I was wrong. This week has a good crop of books coming out that are worth placing a bet on. So here is this weeks books of the week.

1. East of West #3 – this weeks big book. Hickman’s East of West has been hot and further along these early issues could be worth it and hard to find. Even with a generous over print of #1, it sold out and moved to a second print.

2. Polarity #3- yes it’s a great book. It has been a fantastic read and such an interesting story.

3. Kick Ass 3 #1 – Mark Millar’s epic “real life” superhero story continues and I ant wait to see who will be on the tail end of the violence, also the second movie should help sales of the book on the secondary market

4. Hero bear and the Kid Special – I loved Mike Kunkle’s original series and it was valuable on the secondary market because it was so good and had a small print run. The return of the series is appreciated and an help the older issues.

5. Thanos Rising #3 – Great read so far and with the Guardians movie coming out this mini could be shooting up.

Also out this week is Ten Grand #2 which I am looking forward to.

A book to buy just for the over:

Archer and Armstrong #10 8-bit variant. Man I love this cover

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  1. I’m not sure about other areas but it seems down here in Austin TX, every comic book store received shipments of East of West #3 with an anomaly on the cover (looks like a press roller gone wrong from top to bottom, right down the middle). Two of the stores all of their issues were affected, a 3rd store had about 30% they claimed affected. If this occurred across all comic shops and most didn’t return them, might make a those Near Mint issues a little harder to find.

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