Six Gun Gorilla sells out in 24 hours


Boom Studios has announced that Six Gun Gorilla, which was released this past Wednesday, has sold out. It sold out within 24 hours. It sold out at the distributor level which means it can still be found in stores. It is going back for a second printing.

8 thoughts on “Six Gun Gorilla sells out in 24 hours”

  1. I’d say that the real winner this week was the golem book and the killjoys which have sold out in the stores too

    1. I agree. The reason I ran this one is because no one expected this to sell much less sell out. I picked it up and it is a fantastic read. Really not what I expected.

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      1. I saw this coming, heard good things about it on the grapevine, this book was my sleeper of the week 🙂
        which is why I picked up 5 of them
        Superb book I thought

  2. ok but let’s admit a couple of’s boom…it’s a mini series, and the idea has been done before. Could be great, I do love steve niles…….but I think I’m gonna stick with one copy?

    1. Six Gun Gorilla has been done before but in the golden age so it’s hard to count that. It’s done by Si Spurrier, not Steve Niles. The funny thing is Si Spurrier does a column where he asks readers to reimagine obscure golden age public domain characters. Six Gun Gorilla was one of the ones he had people do.

      Killjoys did well, I have Phantom Variants if anyone wants them. Will do $10 shipped for readers of the blog. Send me an email at if you are interested.

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