Superman Unchained #1 3d DC Roadshow Variant sells for $405

So DC is doing their road show to promote their upcoming books, including the new Sandman book. As a promo, they gave out Superman Unchained #1 3d variant. This isn’t like the old school needing glasses 3d from the past, instead thy are using new 3d lenticular technology. This is the same type cover coming up on their villains month books.

Within hours of the book being given out, one copy sold for over $400. If you can sweet talk your local retailer into letting theirs go, or they have one going for a decent price, this one would be worth picking up and flipping.

Auction here.

One thought on “Superman Unchained #1 3d DC Roadshow Variant sells for $405”

  1. How limited is this book? I assumed the print run is less than 1k, but are we looking at very low numbers? I picked up a copy while multiples were available online and now it seems to be far few available with SDCC coming up. Are we looking at the next Batman #608 RRP?

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