‘Locke and Key’ optioned for movie

Joe Hill’s Locke and Key comic book has been optioned for a movie according to The Hollywood Reporter. The book follows a widow and her three children who move to an old family home controlled by mysterious keys that open doors that have supernatural powers.

The book had previously been optioned for a tv show for Fox but was passed over due to budget restraints and other reasons. The original miniseries already sell at a premium but grab and hold until the news spreads and prices increase further.


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3 Responses to ‘Locke and Key’ optioned for movie

    • comicflipper says:

      I’ll be honest, I haven’t even begun to look at pricing because I have not retrieved mine from storage yet. I like pricing things at what I am willing to sell them for, or pricing them high with a best offer at what I am willing to let them go for. Ultimately it comes down to what you are comfortable selling them for ad what someone is comfortable buying them at.

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