‘Think Tank’ Movie in development.

Thanks to Schwaeger for bringing this to my attention yesterday on our Facebook Site.

Rumors are going around the message boards that the fan favorite comic ‘Think Tank’ by Matt Hawkins had been optioned for a movie deal. Now Bleeding Cool is echoing the rumor as well.

Maybe an announcement will come at Image Expo on July 2nd.

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2 thoughts on “‘Think Tank’ Movie in development.”

  1. I wonder if something is up with morning glories….I have seen a lot of interest in the #1 I had for sale, and the next issue has A LOT of variants….

  2. The last issue had 6 variants, I believe. It is the beginning of the second season. Haven’t heard any rumblings in it and feel that it would be hard to translate into a movie, but since it is very episodic it could translate into a tv show. We do have convention season starting with Image Expo a few days away and SDCC in a month and a half. Look for more announcements soon.

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