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One of the greatest things about traveling, for me at least, is to check out comic shops in the areas I go to. I plan on doing more reviews on shops, but have only done one so far and I gave it a horrible review. Today I hit several shops on my way to Philadelphia up 95 N and one really stood out above the rest.

Cult Fiction Comics located at 3103 Chichester Ave in Boothwyn, Pa is a fantastic shop. My iPhone’s Gps is set to pick up Comic shops along my route. It also drains the battery. These guys are located right off 95, maybe a three mile detour, and are worth stopping in for.

The owners, Chris and Chris were about the nicest guys I met today. They were extremely helpful and dug through their bins of back issues to get me what I was looking for. Besides having a great selection of back issues, they have a pretty good wall of new and recent books that had books that were sold out elsewhere. I picked up a Strain #1 and Strain #1 1 in 5 variant for $1 each out if their back issues, a The Last of Us American Dream #2 off the recent book wall for cover price and both covers of New Paradigm Studios Watson and Holmes also for cover price. All of these books do well on the secondary market and will more than pay for the gas I spent tooling around to the different shops. In addition to the new release, recent releases, and extensive back issue collection, they had several different sale sections as well. They have half off variant boxes at the front of the store. A six book for $10 section near the back issues was chocked full of quality comics. They even had sets of full runs if mini series and story lines for buy one get the other half off.

The store is not huge, but it definitely has that old school comic shop feel to it, without the clutter, dust, and musty smell that many of the old shops I used to haunt had.

Two of the three owners were present (Chris and Chris which made it easy to remember) and another guy was working behind the counter. They were very helpful, very friendly, and treated me well, even though I probably seemed a little insane. (Thanks again for letting me charge my iPhone.)

You can check out their shop on Facebook at . I could have spent hours there going through their stuff but was in a hurry. What I will say is I will definitely be back.

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  1. Dang…I just posted about my travels in a similar post finding similar books (VA AND MD). I wish I covered PA, but it’s a bit too far for me at the moment. Do these guys ship? Haha…

  2. You probably did. I responded in the other post, but Thirdeye comics and some other one. Good stuff.

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