Chew being developed as animated series

Hollywood reporter has reported that Chew, once being developed as a Showtime TV show is being developed into an Animated TV show. John Laymen is saying that an animated show does not mean that a live action TV show is out of the works. Prices have dipped back issues lately so any news on a tv show would help the prices out. for a guy like me who is still sitting on a full run  even after prices for #1hit $400

Full story can be found here….

4 thoughts on “Chew being developed as animated series”

  1. I missed out on this. By the time i got back into comics, Chew was well on its way. Congrats to the people that have the #1s though. :-). I hope this takes off!

      1. I was thinking about doing the same thing with a few of my full run sets and such. Nice spek stuff that took off. Flipper, it would be nice to see your collection.
        Also, check out some Youtube stuff on Steve Geppi’s collection…Owner and Founder of Diamond Comic Distributors. But then again, if I had Multi-Millions I would have a museum like that as well!!!!!!! Wow, what stuff (comics related) would you actually buy if MONEY WAS NO OBJECT??????? Hahahhaha I’d start with a 9.8 Uncanny X-MEN #1. That’s one of you bloggers’ homework for tonight…try to find out if an Uncanny X-MEN #1 has ever been graded CGC 9.8??????
        That’s my next ‘major’ purchase anyway…X-MEN #1 in VF+ or better condition.
        A lot of the European comic shops let you buy the books on ‘tick’ (payments)! They will actually HOLD the comic for you until you finish the agreed payments. That’s how I bought my Incredible Hulk #181 way back when (’97 or ’98), an online shop in Germany let me pay installments for 4 months, and then he sent me the comic just as we had agreed…he advertised it as VF+! I’m thinking about getting it slabbed…I think it has a real shot at a CGC 9.6. I also want to get my Giant Size X-Men #1 and X-Men #94 slabbed, but who knows, we’ll see!


        1. Wow real nice books. I have a ton of silver age marvel and dc but not the big two of Giant Size X-men Hulk 181. Needless to say I was at Geppi’s museum on Father’s Day. Took my three year old comic loving son with me. It was a real treat.

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