Day Men getting Hollywood deal?

Bleeding Cool is reporting that rumors are swirling that Day Men is getting a glance from Hollywood for a possible deal. Day Men sold out quickly and is moving on to a second print.


full story can be found here….

2 thoughts on “Day Men getting Hollywood deal?”

  1. Managed to get 1x last week. Not sure what is going on with this, but I’m looking for another just in case. I see midtown comics is no longer offering this online. Looks like I gotta hunt for it and hope to find a 9.8 candidate. Online ordering is hit or miss. Usually, comics are guaranteed at a 9.4 and come in at a 9.6. Very rarely do you get a 9.8. But then again, it’s hard to find 9.8s at stores too. It takes time to go through the piles looking for ones that don’t have any imperfections. Tedious.

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