Comics Picks of the Week shipping August 7, 2013


Each week tons of books are released, each week we pick the ones we see as having a shot of heating up on the secondary market. This week it is not hard to guess which one we are backing.

1. Burn The Orphanage #1 – hands down the winner for the week. People shy away from mini-series, but this book is on fire. Already sold out, already selling well on the secondary market. Burn the Orphanage Variant and Signed Variant

2. Sheltered #2 – Great first issue. Sold really well. Story was very well done. Second issues usually drop in print run size. Sheltered #1 Sheltered #2

3. Hunger #2 – Seriously, the best last page in a Marvel comic in a while (#1) If you haven’t read the first issue flip through it. The scaling down of the Marvel Multiverse continues. Hunger #1

3. Trillium #1 – Jeff Lemire’s new Vertigo series starts here. Vertigo has really hit it out of the park with their last two releases of The Wake and Collider. This is also a flip book which is cool. Trillium #1

As always it is a big summer week. Other books coming out worth picking up, Helheim #6, Kick Ass 3 #2, and Sidekick #1 by JMS already sold out

Let me know what you think is going to be hot. Join the conversation at or reply in the comments section.

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