Day Men #1 now a $20+ comic

Day Men #1 from Boom Studios sold out quickly. A few days ago this was a $7 book. Then it was a $13 book.

Now it is a $20 book. Actually books are closing at closer to $24+. There is definite heat behind this book, as a Hollywood deal has already been rumored to. Day Men #1 Boom on eBay and Day Men #1 on Amazon Not a bad idea to flip some if you can find them for under $20 or pick them up and hold as prices are rising.

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  1. I got a few myself…I intend to sell. Seems like prices continue to rise for this book. Any clues that prices will cool off soon?

    1. No indication that they are cooling. Hopefully it will continue to rise and something concrete will come out about the movie. At this point it is pure speculation. However books do tend to plateau and you should not be discouraged if they do. I got four so far. Sold two with another with bids. I plan to keep one on hand in case but do enjoy the turn and burn method of getting hot books and selling them for a quick profit.

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      1. Okay. I’m up to about a dozen or so, which consists of regular and variants. ALSO…I noticed this earlier today…

        The site has uploaded Day Men to their top ten new comics to watch alongside Avengers #55 and Peter Panzerfaust, which they rarely update. I’m taking this as a sign that something serious is brewing with this series and issue #1 may go for over $100.00+ in the near future. However, I’m relatively new to the scene. Your thoughts?

        1. Anything is possible in speculation. To be safe, sell off enough to cover your cost and keep some for later if they pop up in price. Only one issue has come out and there is already interest in a movie. I think that is a pretty good sign.

      1. It looks like this cooled down a bit, but I have a feeling this will heat up again after an announcement becomes official. I basically got rid of my NM- copies and are protecting my NM+ for “the day”. Hopefully…that’ll be the case.

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