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Since I launched this new site back on March 28th we have grown significantly, and that’s thanks to the regular readers, tipsters, and people who have stumbled on to us. I have been very proud of the growth, going from 60 views the first month, to getting 10,000 views in three months, to getting 20,000 hits last month.
Between our Facebook site and the web site itself there are 117 people following this site on a regular basis. This growth is all without advertising. Not once have I run a google or Facebook ad. Not too shabby. It has been purely organic growth. I can say I never expected it to take off the way it did, and looking back at my earliest posts, I am surprised that it did. Comicsheatingup has been tweeted about by comic creators, which blew my mind when it happened, mentioned on message boards, and has been linked to by numerous other websites.

Since we have grown so much I thought it would only be the next logical step to taking the site to its own domain name, (why dot net, that’s a funny story just ask me.)

You can still access us through the WordPress web site at, and it will direct you to the new domain.

I will continue to bring you news on modern comic speculation, books heating up on the secondary market, and comic news in general. If you haven’t done so, please take a second to like us on Facebook at . When we reach 100 Facebook likes we will have a give away of a variant, not some crappy old one either, but a Phantom, Ghost, or Regional store variant. (we are so close now.)

Don’t forget, we do accept stories and tips at . If we run it we give full credit to the writer and provide full links to the website of the writer.

So thanks again, more changes are on the way to make a better more informative place.

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  1. Hey Comics Heating Up, I want to congratulate you on this acheivement. It really does feel good to know that people are behind you and appreciate your hard work. As someone who also speculates (for fun mostly) and have my site as well, I am gaining more and more views daily (not as prolific as your site) but over 3000 views and some followers. Dureto time constraints I only post about once a week. Glad to see other people have taken their passion and love for this hobby and have done some great things for those who want to learn! Hey…if you ever care to browse,


    1. Hey Dakoit, I have been to your site and appreciate your work. I mostly deal with and sell new books, but I always am on the look out for tips and something worth checking out. Thanks for the support.

    2. Would you allow me to run your market watch 1 year later post with full link back and credit to you? I think it’s great and would be a good cross over between our sites. You are starting to get clicks from just putting your site in the comments.

      1. Hey Comic Flipper, absolutely! I would very much like that! Sorry I have been away for several weeks, in Moose Factory Ontario. So didn’t get much time to check. I want to thank you for supporting me. Means a lot to me and love for this.

    3. Love both of your guys’ sites and check them regularly. Dakoit absolutely nailed it on Avengers #55. Passed up an auction days before SDCC for ~$40 that’s going for $150-$200 now!

      1. Thanks for your support Mike and Comic Flipper. Yeah, that was A55 ish was just waiting to explode. It bothered me how it went under the radar so many years…

  2. Great job with the site. Hope things continue to go well here. Thanks for all the info you provide for us on a weekly basis.

  3. Congratulations, comicsheatingup πŸ™‚ Your site has been a great help in getting back in to collecting after a long hiatus and is the first thing I check every week day morning. Keep on keeping on πŸ™‚

  4. Great achievement guys! I’ll keep spreading the word about the site here in the UK!


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