IDW’s Wild Blue Yonder, the movie?

I had a conversation with a large regional retailer that is in with the creative team behind Wild Blue Yonder, the hit and sold out creator owned book from IDW. We often trade speculation info back and forth and I know this retailer to be a stand up guy who is in the know. I am not going to name the retailer or the shop, it’s not Larry, because I appreciated the info.

What I was told today that the deal is almost done and the ink just needs to meet the paper. When that does I can give more official word than this cryptic post. But, it looks like the book Wild Blue Yonder, which the first two issues had small print runs,(especially the second issue), will be picked up for a movie deal. I had been selling variants for the book, both Phantom and Third Eye, and did well with them (I do regret selling the triple signed Phantom and Third Eye Variants now.) My advice on this is to pick up several copies of 1 and 2 in advance and be ahead of the curve on this. Prices have already risen on this book due to the heat and print run, but once it gets out about the movie (and once it’s official), look out.

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      1. Hi, I can across your site. Wonderful site by the way. How much are you selling the Wild Blue Yonder First Prints for and also the Variants too? Are they all in NM condition? Thank you!

        1. Hey thanks for stopping by the variants are Nm. They are $14.99 shipped with insurance and tracking. Each additional issue is $9.99. The regular first prints are $12.99 for the first issue shipped and $7.99 each additional.

  1. Is it me or does it seem like 5 out 10 new books (if not more) are getting pending movie/tv deals? Some of these deals are bound to fall flat, stall, or won’t go beyond pilots. Saturation? More on that later.

    I did pick up the third eye variant and regular cover. The chase game is starting to get exhausting. All the shows and movie backlogs brewing. Haha. It’s not bad, it’s just not as exciting as it used to be knowing the frequency of the rumors. It’s great for us sellers and speculators though! So, I take that back – it is exciting as ever, but it all depends…

    1. The thrill for me is about being ahead of the game. Rachel Rising I was in before the announcement and knew of the announcement and had issue 1’s up as soon as the news broke. Going to be the same deal here. News breaks I will have my copies up.

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      1. I hear you bro. And that’s why you have the best site on the net. I appreciate the early news. I”ve got my WBY IDW #1s ready to go.

  2. Wow, have been getting a few really negative emails and seen some negative message board posts in reference to this. Mostly claiming that I am starting a rumor just to sell copies of the book. Let me assure you that this is not the case first, The links in the article go to Amazon, Things from Another World, and eBay. None of which are for things I am Personally selling.

    Second, why would one start a website six months ago, doing completely true posts, build up 50,000 page views in that time, build up 150 plus regular daily readers, all just to post something completely bogus just to sell his five remaining copies of a book he was selling copies of pretty regularly anyway.

    I saw this as a very credible tip given by a large retailer who I trust and has been in the know on quite a few big events in the past. But, it is just a tip all the same, you can do with it what you will, but it is what I was told so I passed it along.

  3. I gotcha. Well, #2 was rather difficult for me to find and the 2nd print came out with a sketch cover, so I picked those up. Maybe harder to get later down the road. I like the art in this one. IDW started strong with this and Half past Danger.

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