Print run of Ghosted #1

With the second issue of the ongoing series Ghosted out today, and the second printing of number one, I figured it might be nice to know the print run. For a Skybound book it was less than I imagined especially since a preview ran in The Walking Dead.
The first issues print run was 17,782 copies. Not a lot considering all the factors listed before the bump. Issue 1 sold out. I seriously think its just a matter of time before this gets a movie or tv deal.

2 thoughts on “Print run of Ghosted #1”

  1. I picked up a copy of Ghosted #1 &2 (among MANY other titles) so thank you! It seems like Wild Blue Yonder is going to end up being a good investment too. On a slightly unrelated note, how do you feel about Jupiter’s Legacy? I’m on the fence about picking up a #1 now while the price is still low.

    1. I really like Jupiter’s Legacy. It has been a very solid, interesting book. Investment wise, it had a huge print run on number one and I really do not see it shooting up very high. But, it really is a solid read with great art.

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