Outliers #1 selling for $24-$49 or get it signed for $20

Our pick of the week blew up big this week. It is currently selling for $24-$49 on ebay. You can order it directly from the artist for $20 signed and with a sketch. With shipping it is $25. I really loved this book, sold the copy I had and went back to get more. Some people are getting them back with sketches too, not guaranteed but they are sweet.

You can order here http://theoutliers.bigcartel.com/product/the-outliers-comic-book

45 thoughts on “Outliers #1 selling for $24-$49 or get it signed for $20”

  1. Looks like my order with Midtown went through for 3 copies, today their site says “Out of Stock”. Whew! 🙂

    1. I know, out of stock already. It must be a good read then. Plus a low print run on it.

  2. I got several just now. Hoping to sell. This momentum feels similar to Skyward #1. hope these keep peaking. Anyone have luck selling these?

  3. Can’t believe you guys are actually finding these. I’m so jealous right now. I would kill just to have 1 of those. Good finds guys, keep it up!

      1. Thank you comicfipper. I was able to get a few copies from Erik. I talk to him VIA Facebook. Thank you comic flipper!

  4. Plus if you got then from his site you get the copies signed plus a Sketch of your choice in the book. The Outliner#1

  5. So..you go to the store and you find 12 copies on the shelf…you attempt to buy…all of them….You ever buy so many of something that the store owners cut you off and kick you out? Haha. Well…it happens. :-o.

    1. I’ve never had that happen to me. I fully understand what you saying. There are those that walk among us.

  6. Sold out! on Erik website I hope you grabbed one while he still had them. I have sold 3 of them on Ebay, not sure it the 50$ listings will sell… you never know

  7. I see retailers cut people off all the time. I walk into stores and the retailers know I sell books. I ask before I grab multiple copies and never clean the shelf. Now if they are in back issue bins that’s a different story. I have seen people go into a store, walk up to the new issue rack, grab the whole stack of a book, walk to the counter, and the retailer rings up one copy and asks if they would like anything else. Usually it pisses off the shelf cleaners but retailers can limit the amount they sell per person m

    1. That’s good speculation ettiquete right there. Haha. I’ve never seen anyone try to take the entire stack, but yes, they can limit their numbers for sure. It’s good to get to know your retailers so you can get the hook up. .

      1. I had an experience last Wednesday evening. I get my subscription from XY Blank store. I was looking for a comic book for my son. He is five and Loves NightWing, I was missing issue 4 of the new DC 52. I know the book value on it. It is only $4. Mind you I get my subscription of him. I thought we was Cool like that. So he went online and looked up the price on a Auction site right in front of me. And wanted to sell me the Night Wing #4 New 52 for $35. Plus I buy books from his store. That was an all time Low for that individual. I was really appalled and Flabbergasted!
        Now I know that my being is not appreciated.
        At the end of the Day, Businesses is Businesses.

          1. If I was to lower myself to the individuals level then maybe I’ll say the shop. But I am a totally different caliber type of individual. Names should remain anonymous. For now any ways. It’s just sad that now I must take my Money to a different shop for my subscriptions. O well.

  8. Thats outright rude on the comic shops part. I understand if it was a wall book and had a price tag of X amount on it, but if its in a stack of books at retail then retail it is. A comic shop should never do that. I understand selling a FCBD after a week or so for a few bucks. A variant to get some extra cash or even a hot book next day, but never look up value in front of you.

    1. I learned how my value was to him/her on that day. I am very happy to see that side of that person. I go in the shop every Wednesday. But I thank him/her for showing me.

  9. any ideas on what tthe print run for this book is. I’ve called or emailed probably about 15 local shops and out of those only two even ordered it (limited copies). This may be an extremely low print run. Usually when I am looking for a book with a low print run, at least 4 or 5 out of 10 (just under 50%) shops will have at least ordered it.

    1. I have no idea the print run on that one. All I know is that it is a hard one to find. I have called a lot of sops for that one. It’s been getting a lot of buzz. With the way comic books have been taking off and getting turned into movies or TV shows, who knows.

  10. I have no idea. I find this print to baffle me. It seems impossible to find by many and with the very few I’ve seen, I’m under the impression that this alt book could really mature in value. 2nd print? Who knows. This one may be worth holding if you can find it.

    1. I hear you on that @Comic Lord. I can’t seem to find any. A first print would be nice to have.

      1. Yeah, it’s gone. It’s a sleeper hit. It caught me off guard, and I just happen to get lucky. Anyone know how many books are in this series? How many of you are planning to pick up a full run at $5 each? I’d pre-order the 2nd book if possible…I’m assuming one could make top dollar profits with a complete run..

        1. From what I gathered on The Outliers #1 It’ll be a few months from now till Chapter 2 comes out.

    1. I sent him a message also 3 days ago. And no still no answer. We all know it must be super low print.

  11. THE OUTLIERS #1 = It is self published and financed. Hopefully he will have made enough money through Diamond on #1 to actually make a #2 otherwise it could be a one-shot. Its a great book and I was the first human to hype it up and I’ve sold out my 10 copies. I will find out tomorrow if i was able to get any last copies or not. Diamond is sold out I am waiting to find out tomorrow if I may have got the last copies or not.

    1. If you do get a few more copies let me know, id definitely like to pick one up for a decent price.

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