Joker’s daughter first appearance in Catwoman #23 (update)

Update to precious story tonight.

Earlier we referenced Catwoman #23 heating up due to the first appearance of Joker’s Daughter. At the time the article was written, there were still copies left at Diamond. Terry Hoknes at messages me and let me know he ordered the last copies. The book is old out. You can preorder it on eBay, but that will cost you $10 plus. Get to the comic shop early tomorrow as this one will go quick. Print runs on issue 21 was 25,611. Print run on issue 22 was 24,737. So if this any indication the print run will be fairly low for a DC book, that has heat, that is already going for double cover online.

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  1. Cover for now…prolly double cover (under $10) on ebay tonight…prolly more if you package it together with the upcoming 3d cover. May even be more if you sit on it for a while. Who knows… right now, I’m trying to get a couple at cover. I wouldn’t spend more than that on the same day of release.

  2. Cool. Some how, I think this isn’t going to be too hard to find, but I guess I’ll find out in the evening after work. With that said, I’m glad to see it’s already at $10.00…but I’m going to sit on this and wait for more profit. When you consider packaging and trips to the post office, I’d want more. I think this book will best peak with it’s 3d cover. What do you all think? How many are you getting?

          1. I picked up 10. I think that is all that I’ll pick up. I don’t want to have more than that even it won’t sell

  3. Oh yeah, that’ll do it.

    Here’s an update: I called lcbs that normally have a lot of prints. They sold out because speculators hit them hard in the am. The ones remaining are limited 1 per customer. So far, I was able to get 5. I’m happy with that. I may try and get more. We’ll see. Looks like there is enough heat. Good luck everyone :-D.

    1. Reply. It depends on how you look at it. This is the first New 52 appearance. Not sure who is under the mask but speculation has run the gamut. It is like back in the old days when we had first pre or post Crisis appearance.

    1. I picked up 3 copies this morning, and I’m looking to score another 7 later on, and my plan is to flip 5, and hold onto 5. So I guess to answer your question, for me it’s 50/50.

      1. These Shops say that Catwoman #23 is sold out. WRONG! Newbury Comics have them NY the boat load. 10 ten hand right now. Please go and check out Newbury Comic my people. Thank you Google

  4. Yea, tons here in the UK shops as well. I’m up to 20 copies, and I didn’t even start hitting my online shops until 4pm GMT. I still have the last 3 quarter of my ‘preferred comic shop’ list to contact. I’m not sure if I will go many past 25 copies…we’ll see! Just can’t stop…paying cover for a book that’s already around $10 on EBAY. And that’s before the news has really circulated about the JOKER’S DAUGHTER 1st appearance! SWEEEEEET!!!!!!!

    Also, thanks for the print run info on Pretty Deadly #1.
    25 Grand+…that run is huge!!!! Based on your info, I backed off big time on that comic. I called a few of my suppliers and backed a couple of my orders from 20 to 10. So, when all of my orders are filled, I’ll be around 30 copies…THAT’S ENOUGH!

    Thank you COMICFLIPPER for standing this site up! It’s awesome!


  5. I’m on the fence as far as how many I want to inquire. Villian’s month is coming up. Here’s a tip…Midtown just turned on their “Pre orders” for the first releases. I secured 3x ventriloquist. I really DO NOT want to do the leg work on these books and rather put in orders. Don’t have time for all that. Good luck.

    1. My problem is I have Baltimore Comic Con next weekend and am trying to free up as much capital as possible for purchases. I have slashed prices on my eBay store to move stuff and even put up over stock books. Had a conversation with a store today that asked me how many copies I wanted. I told him I would need to get back to him on how many 3-d copies I would take.

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      1. I gotcha. I gotta take a step back too because every week seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Reminds me of the 90s, especially with the hologram covers. I know these are low print though, but it’s hard to know if these will be a quick flip or retain values.

        Catwoman #23 is roughly going for $9.95 – $12.95 in the second market at the moment. Of course this all can change by next week…Skyward anyone? LOL.

  6. sold mine for $30.00, sold skyward for 44.95. Sold Daymen for 29.95. Now Daymen goes for 12.95, Skyward maybe 9.95, not sure about outliers. Anyone attempt to push $50.00 on outliers? I think you may be able to pull it off….

    1. Yea, what happened to Skyward…that really cooled off. I’m thinking about unloading my copies now while I still can. lol

      1. A lot of these books are quick flips. If you wait too long, you miss the boat. Some books continue to mature in value, but I’m having a hard time predicting those. I still have a dozen east of wests. I got lucky with peter panzerfaust and I’m still sitting on that. But yeah, it’s sites like this that help nudge. Don’t be afraid to sell. It takes practice, but when you make your profits…it gets easier.

        1. I always make profits first. Got to pay yourself before you pay others. I float books all the time. I try to sell them as soon as I can.

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  7. I too am sitting on a bunch of East of West…I’m just waiting on that one to explode, hopefully.

    1. I hear you and I believe that had a 54,000 run…so I focused on the ghost variants. May take a lot longer for this to heat up. First prints have just recently become unavailable from I’m hoping.

      (UPDATE:) ventriloquist 3d cover pre-orders have already sold out at

        1. I am sitting on A few East Of West #1 First Prints myself. I too hope it takes off. I seen the The Outliers #1 is selling for going $40. The 3D covers should hit pretty good. I hope anyways. Thank you guys for all your input.

      1. The Catwoman is not sold out. Shops are holding them and selling them online. Like I said, Newbury Comics have them on the shelves.
        I picked up a few from them. Real talk. Do not, I repeat do not get fooled. They are not sold out!

        1. You are missing the difference between sold out at the distributor level and sold out at the retail level. Yes, the book is sold out, through Diamond Comics Distributor, the company that ships all the books to the local comic shops. Shops cannot order any more copies of the first prints after last night. Now the retail stores may still have copies. But they can not get any more first prints and once they sell their stock of the books, there are no more to replenish them with.

          Trust me, I do this for a living, in fact I write this whole blog about it.

          1. @comicflipper, thank you for enlightening me on the topic on how this works. It’s sad when costumers go into a shop right when they open and they say “o sorry they all sold out” lol. But you just opened. No lines outsides. I am not that dumb. But all you guys on here have really showed me on how this works. Thanks a MILLION!
            I got 15 copies REGARDLESS.

  8. Comicflipper is right. Your comic book store that has shelves full is good, but once they’re gone. That’s it. So what you see is what remains from the 25,000 run. I know it’s confusing because it seems like a lot. The reality is that you have “access” to a lot while others stores do not. If this is the same store that you found your outliers #1, then you have a good store with lots of access! Makes it easier for you to get rare titles. Trust me, if you visited other stores, it could be much harder. Real talk. You’re good!

    (Update) I came from 4 different stores. 1 store sold out. I got the last one at another. Bought the last 2 from another, and was limited 1 per customer from another. I have a few others on hold at other stores. I think I reached my cut off point. Now I’m starting to think….

    what if…she really isn’t joker’s daughter? as we all remember what happened with the death of catwoman…Sell enough to cover yourself, and always have a break off point, but keep your access lines open…2 cents.

    1. …and random topic…I’m seeing a video ad for beans and taco up above, which is making me hungry. Awesome!

  9. There’s a bit of over-heating going on here though isn’t there. I just watched a UK store list it this AM, and yes it sold quickly (about 30 copies sold in 10 minutes) but they still have more in stock (over 10 according to the listing).

    It’s scarcity hasn’t yet been established yet.

    A hot book, probably, a book so hot it’s worth 6 times cover price on the day it’s released… probably not.

    This sort of speculation is what killed the market last time…

  10. @The Governor
    Yea, I’m here in the UK and it seems like every shop I call has ‘MULTIPLE’ copies of CATWOMAN #23 available! I mean, I bluff and ask for 20 copies, and they don’t bat an eyelid (I know I’m on the phone and can’t really see their eyes…sheesh, speculator’s are such completest)!

    Has anyone established a print run on Catwoman #23? Since it’s a New 52 book, I would hazard a guess the run would be close to 50,000? I’M AM ONLY GUESSING HERE…I HAVE ZERO EVIDENCE OF ANY NUMBER WHATSOEVER…thanks!

    This ‘overspeculation’ is also what made me back off of Pretty Deadly #1. I calculated that if had kept going full steam, I COULD HAVE EASILY HAD OVER 100 COPIES OF PRETTY DEADLY #1 SECURED. As it stands, I think I backed down to 30 copies of PD #1! And I’m good there!


    1. Over speculation? Just a heads up YOU buy what YOU want. Just because someone on the internet with a site titled Comics Heating Up says a book is hot doesnt mean its the next walking dead or peter panzerfaust. There is huge difference between a person who tries to get rich off of 1 book and a flipper who makes money off of multiple books selling for a little over cover price. Occasionally one comes across a book that becomes hot and thats awesome. Walking Dead is the rare case.

      And Really that book came out years ago and has the biggest television series of a comic book adaptation. Probably wont see a book like that for years. There are books that come close like Peter panzerfaust, but again very rare.

      1. No one ever said this was the next Peter Panzerfaust or Walking Dead. But it was a book that sold out quickly, the night before it dropped in stores and is selling for 3x cover. For me that is worth buying and flipping. I make as much off selling small profit books multiple times as I do selling 1 big book.

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      2. @Comicflipper
        Thats my point and i think people misunderstand the purpose of this site and get upset when the go whole hog on a book that doesn’t pan out for them. I buy what i can afford and what i personally feel will do well.

        You should put a disclaimer on this site warning people of the risks of speculation lol (Joke)

  11. I think this book just caught everyone by surprise, which was kinda fun.

    But here’s the thing…what are the chances of this “new” character really being “the joker’s daughter”? I mean…can you see a potential Carrie Kelly or Stephanie Brown being revealed in the 3d cover, or someone else we all know under all those bandages!?

    And..if that were to happen, it would be interesting to see how it affects prices. Right now its officially rated as a $10/9.4 at Interesting. Just sayin’. I would definitely secure it so that you don’t lose any money for those that are buying multiple copies. DC is full of surprises and never fails to amaze..

  12. @1195200 – You need to chill out dude, this is just a conversation mate 🙂 Nobody was complaining about the site, it was just a bit of commentary on the book itself…

    1. Another update folks. While has officially updated Catwoman #23 as one of their “TOP Ten Comics to Watch”. 9.8 raw is valued at $14.00, which is strong considering it was released 48 hours ago. I don’t know, but perhaps this really is Joker’s daughter. If that’s the case, with a 25,000 print run, who knows how much this book will be worth in 20 years. But, I really don’t know, and I admit – it’s all speculation on what happens next. I’m having fun with this and I’d recommend selling AND holding on if you’re able to find enough copies.

      1. I’ve sold 2 at $10 each plus shipping. Still holding 1 with 1 more for sale. Spent $12 made $20 with 2 copies left. Sure, this isn’t the next Peter Panzerfaust but the books have paid for themselves plus.

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      2. I have 3 up for sale but none sold. I guess there is to many out there right now. Even at $10 still no bite, o well. Good sale @comicflipper. Keep up the good work.

  13. It’s all good. Mine haen’t sold either. Buyers will ultimately choose a “experienced power seller” over a “less experienced seller” for obvious reasons. Sometimes we smaller guys get lucky though. It also helps to lower the amount from the average price listed. I’ve relisted a couple of items and will wait for the fish to nibble…

    1. Didn’t mean to make it sound like power sellers rule or anything. Just saying, it’s reassuring not to have to file a complaint or negative feedback, etc. Everyone has a good shot selling though. Just gotta play the game as a seller and hustle 😀

      1. It’s cool I fully understand what you saying comicflipper. If they sell cool, if not then I’ll just sit on them. Just like East of west #1

      2. I will say I worked my butt of to be a top rated seller and power seller with 100% positive feedback and a rating of 658 and growing. I sell things sometimes a little more than the shops who commission variants and stillage sales.

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  14. I know, it takes a lot to get there and I commend you for it. Here’s an article I think you’ll find most interesting. Especially since we know a lot of the retailers interviewed in it…

    Thanks again for the info on the pre-orders. I really do not want to exhaust myself going from one shop to the other hunting these downs (eventhough profit greed will be inevitable). But seriously, I’m content to sit on a couple of these due to the allocation and flipping quick to cover myself.

  15. Ok Folks,
    Here’s the most recent ‘completed’ auctions on EBAY for CATWOMAN #23!

    I’ll leave it up to the population to decipher whether this book is gaining steam or not, via EBAY sales. AGAIN, IT’S ONLY BEEN OUT SINCE WEDNESDAY!

    I’m currently holding 24 copies right now, with 1 supplier ‘hopefully’ getting me 10 more on Monday.

    Sorry folks, but I’m speckin’ pretty hard on this one!

    Also, I’ve been looking pretty closely at the 1975/76 issues of: THE BATMAN FAMILY #6 (1st Bronze Age Appearance of the Joker’s daughter). This issue may or may not become relevant after the CATWOMAN #23 release, but I’m in. I have 2 VF copies coming my way. But, more importantly, maybe, is: THE BATMAN FAMILY #9! In this issue, not only does it have THE FIRST COVER APPEARANCE OF THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER, THE COVER ACTUALLY READS:

    ‘as if the Joker’s daughter weren’t enough, you’re about to meet The Scarecrow’s Daughter, The Riddler’s daughter, and The Penguin’s daughter’!

    Strangely, Issh #9 has absolutely no heat right now. I could have snagged multiple VF+ copies for a couple of bucks, AND PROBABLY GOTTEN CHANGE!

    Interesting spek stuff, but I think I’ll leave that alone for now.

    If anyone else is interested, please share with the rest of us your justification or outlook for the book.



  16. I just picked up Catwoman #23 at a local shop. I was going to pick up two but they’re limiting it to 1 per customer. They still had a nice stack on the shelf as well, at least 100 copies.

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