A look ahead at next Wednesday

While next week will be clearly about getting one thing at your local comic shop for its collect-ability, and potential profit, DC’s 3-d Villain month covers, make sure not to miss out on these potential sleepers.

1. The Star Wars #1- a comic based on George Lucas’ original script. It’s going to be a fun read and an interesting look at the original concept of what Star Wars was originally meant to be. Things from Another World has an exclusive variant with art that is pretty killer. At $3.99 this store variant might be worth a pick up before it sells out. Star Wars #1 from Brian Wood did great and this might be a big sleeper.

2. Forever Evil #1- the 3-d covers are getting the attention, but this is the book that kicks the whole event off. Looks like Nightwing will be featured and may be pulling a Peter Parker/Civil War move an announcing his real identity. Again, the focus has been on the 3-d covers but Forever Evil #1 should not be missed.

3. Black Dynamite #1 – Based on the awesome movie. Subscription cover features Black Dynamite punching out a shark! The baddest kung-fu cat to ever appear on screen is coming to comics so you suckers better duck! Former CIA agent, international ladies man, and sworn ass-kicking enemy of The Man he’s BLACK DYNAMITE-and he’s about to walk into the most dangerous journey of his life!

But since we did mention those 3-d covers, the following books have been reopened for pre-order at 20% off of cover through TFAW, these are limit 2 each:
Batman 23.1 Joker 3-d cover
Batman and Robin 23.1 Two-face 3-d cover
Earth 2 15.1 Desaad 3-d cover
Green Arrow 23.1 Count Vertigo 3-d cover
Justice League 23.1 Darkseid 3-d cover
Justice League Dark 23.1 Creeper 2-d cover

I can’t imagine these pre-orders will last long so it might be worth jumping on or for getting an extra copy or two

7 thoughts on “A look ahead at next Wednesday”

  1. Star wars #1
    Trillium #2
    Forever Evil #1 (if anything a great story arch) im hooked after The Trinity War.

    I have One of almost all of 3d covers on order as well.

  2. The big start of the season…tomorrow…3D City begins. I’m so happy I already pre-ordered…but will still probably hunt for some extra quick flips. Bizarro, Ventriloqist..3Ds are sick in person…good luck walking away from it when it’s in your hands…fun times indeed..what are you all getting? I’m surprised, but Mocking Dead #1 (Dynamite) is kinda selling out :-o. LOL. I got the regular cover…hunting for the subscription cover now. I haven’t gone this hard in a comic week in a long time…smh.

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