DC 3D Villains Month Print Runs and the Rarest Issues

Print runs for all the DC Villains month Books both 3d and 2d covers. Thanks to Terry Hoknes at www.hoknescomics.com for the in-depth work. Continue reading “DC 3D Villains Month Print Runs and the Rarest Issues”

Joker’s Daughter 2d cover sold out at Diamond maybe

Yeah, we know this is the one everyone is waiting for. The 3d cover for Jokers Daughter. Well, you might want to pick up the standard cover as well.

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DC Comics Villains Month 3d Covers week 4 available for pre-order

Well week three are in the can. I have looked at some of the auctions for this weeks books and they are selling for around double cover. Not bad if you can double your money in a day. Week four is just seven short days away. Here are the week 4 3d covers I have found still available for pre-order at 20% off. These won’t last as the others have not.
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DC Villains Month Open Forum

Not really a story here. I wanted to see what everyone’s experience has been with buying the 3d DC covers. I have been getting mine from one store at cover and have gotten and subsequently sold the books. Have you seen price gouging? Don’t be afraid to name names. Have you seem sell outs. Have you been lucky and gotten them? Just curious what everyone’s experience has been.

DC Villains Month week three 3d covers still available

Here is a list of DC Comics Villain Month 3d variants still available. These are not lasting long and are selling for a premium Wednesday when they are released. They have been going up in price with each passing week. (Not saying they will stay up but these are excellent flipping material)
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DC Comics Villains month covered at Examiner.com

DC Comics Villains month covered at Examiner.com

I am occasionally asked to write on Pop-Culture events for my local newspaper. The articles also run at the  Examiner.com. Here is the latest one in reference to DC’s Villains month 3d covers.



DC Comics 3-D week 3 variants still available for pre-order

Looks like some on-line retailers are already selling out of next weeks books.
The Clayface, Flash Rogues, Scarecrow, Black Hand, Dial E, Eclipso, Shadow Thief, and Deathstroke covers are all gone.
But you can still pre-order the following covers to ensure you have them:
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DC 3d covers week 2 results

Well we all know these were going to sell. We just didn’t know how many or how much. I sold through my first weeks covers (held my breath a little) but ended up doubling my money on them (even after ebay fees.) At first it looked sketch but it worked out. 


Here is what this weeks 3d covers are going for. 

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Dc Villains Month 3-d covers

Hey guys,

Don’t do this often but I have a full set of the Villains month 3D books up for sale. Trying to raise a little extra cash for the blog. I do combined shipping for up to six books at one price which includes tracking and insurance. If you missed out on any or want to pick up an extra here is a great opportunity to help out the website and score some sweet covers at/below ebay prices.

Earth 2 15.1 Desaad Cover $5.99
Batman and Robin 23.1 Two Face Cover $7.99
Detective Comics 23.1 Poison Ivy Cover $7.99
Green Arrow 23.1 Count Vertigo Cover $5.99
Batman 23.1 Joker Cover $7.99
Superman 23.1 Bizarro Cover $7.50
Action Comics 23.1 Cyborg Superman Cover $5.99
Flash 23.1 Grodd Cover $6.50
Justice League of America 7.1 Deadshot Cover $7.50
Green Lantern 23.1 Relic Cover $6.99
Justice League Dark Creeper Cover $4.99
Batman 23.1 Joker Cover $7.99
Batman the Dark knight 23.1 Ventriloquist Cover $7.99

Message me below or send me a private message at www.facebook.com/comicsheatingup. Paypal only, for international buyers, the books will be sent to ebay distribution center and then out to other countries.

A look ahead at next Wednesday

While next week will be clearly about getting one thing at your local comic shop for its collect-ability, and potential profit, DC’s 3-d Villain month covers, make sure not to miss out on these potential sleepers. Continue reading “A look ahead at next Wednesday”

Diamond Comics Advanced reorder List 8/9/13

One way to tell what is going to be hot is by looking at what retailers are going back to reorder before the books ship. This list is called the Diamond Comics Advanced reorder list. It is a good indication of what books are going to be hot, and could heat up on the secondary market. Without a doubt, this weeks advanced reorder list indicates that the hot book to pick up is Continue reading “Diamond Comics Advanced reorder List 8/9/13”