Comic book picks of the week for delivery 9/4/13

Each week a couple hundred new books come out. Each week we pick the ones we think are going to heat up. Have a look at this week’s picks.

This week is all about one thing, DC’s 3-d covers. Get them and flip them. The early bird is going to get the worm here.

We also talked about a few other books
The Star Wars #1 and in particular the TFAW store Variant

Forever Evil #1 which may get overlooked in the 3-d hype. Big Nightwing happenings.

Black Dynamite #1 which is a cool book based in a cool movie.

Well, here are this weeks actual picks of the week.

1. God is Dead #1. Jonathan Hickman unchecked in an Avatar book, this has got to be good.

2. Superior Spider-man #17 Spider-man 2099 returns. Spidey 2099 had a big following and was a great book. Excited to see him back, and in the Marvel Universe proper.

2. Trillium #2 First issue knocked it out of the park. Jeff Lemire’s new Vertigo book is awesome, second issues tend to drop off in orders and tend to be key issues.

3. Red Ten #4 If you haven’t been reading Comixtribe’s awesome superhero retelling of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Where None’ you are missing out.

4. Batman Black and White #1– The awesome miniseries returns with all new artists and writers featuring black and white Batman stories.

5. Bonus one (Thanks to Jeff in the message section) The Mocking Dead Zombie Comedy.

Other books coming out worth watching. We previously mentioned that Reality Check #1 is coming out this week and is sold out at the distributor level. Preorders on the book are gone and you can no longer order it through some retailers.

Let me know what you think will be heating up?

16 thoughts on “Comic book picks of the week for delivery 9/4/13”

  1. Superior Spider-man #17 is sold out – I didnt order any
    Red Ten #1-3 are sold out so #4 could join the pack
    Mocking Dead is so far my pick of the week

  2. Hit #1 (Boom) is almost a sellout – looks like a great book !

    You can quote me on this: I am guaranteeing that FOREVER EVIL #1 regular cover will never be worth anything !

    1. People said the same thing about the new 52 books though. Look, I am not a big DC guy at all, but there has been a lot of press on what happens to Nightwing, don’t want to spoil it, but it could happen.

    2. Nice! I won’t bother with the forever evil reg cover. Thanks Hoknes! @ Comicflipper, why is the star wars #1 tfaw variant so important compared to the midtown variant and or forbidden planets variants and other variants for this book?

  3. I see, well the other variants are cover price with the exception of midtown’s variant. I tend to stay away from midtown’s variants because their always kind of pricey. It seems this book has a really high print run and is being heavily advertised

    I pre-ordered the covers months in advance but canceled a couple of weeks ago, once the ads went mainstream. At this point, I’m just getting it for reads, but not for investment. I hope it’s good!

  4. I don’t know why, but I’m going hard on the Mocking Dead. Would be nice if dynamite has a sellout. But I think this could be the potential quick flip with attention on the 3D.

    1. Dynamite has had several sell outs. Day Men was the most recent. The one to look out for is Cryptozoic Man as it has a tie in to the show Comicbook Men

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