DC 3-d covers, which ones were you able to get

Just a quick question to you all, which covers did you get in the 3-d variant? Please respond in the comment section. Spoke to some retailers who said they didn’t bother putting them out, just were selling them on ebay. Spoke to others who were charging a premium. What were your experiences at your local store today? I hit Third Eye Comics in Annapolis Maryland today and they had a ton of each cover. Around noon today they still had all the covers in stock, limit one per customer, at cover price. 

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  1. My shop (in Charlottesville, VA) had 10-12 of each cover @ $7.99/ea. I picked up 3 Joker’s, 1 Two Face, and 1 Poison Ivy. There didn’t seem to be the shortage that I was expecting though.

  2. Anybody know what 3D covers are in short supply for next week? Ordered a Harley Quinn today, hope I can find another next week.

    1. I’m not sure about next week, but if this week is any indication, there aren’t going to be any in ‘short’ supply.

  3. went to a couple shops today looking for other stuff (mocking dead, star wars, god is dead)…but when I saw that the second shop i stopped at had big stacks of all covers i went ahead and picked up one of each. They were actually stocking the shelves and doing pull lists when I got there. BTW isnt that bad comic shop etiquette to sell above cover price on release date? As far as I know all the shops around me are selling for cover.

  4. Bizarro, cyborg, poison ivy, joker, two face, grodd. My comic shop seemed fairly well stocked for the customer base. Some covers disappearing faster than others. The covers brought in a few more early birds this morning. I overheard a good amount of conversation, “good conversation.” My comic shop were selling at cover price for both covers, 3D 1 per customer. I myself enjoyed forever evil #1 and I like the 3D covers, it’s finally something different. And it seems all 3D covers are selling above cover price on eBay. It will be exciting to see which ones may or may not stay above cover price. Overall I’m glad to have had the opportunity to purchase these. Happy hump/ comic day everyone

  5. Poison Ivy, Joker and Two Face. I didn’t bother with the others but my local shop had all of them readily available as well. My shop loves me anyways, they had Joker and Poison Ivy in my regular pulls since they’re both Batman and Detective Comics, I decided to get the Two Face from Batman & Robin series.

  6. comicflipper, can you give us a print run on the top 3d titles. I can get print runs but its usually a month or so after, you seem to be able to get the info quicker. Thanks for any help if you can.

  7. I went to my LCS at noon. It’s the biggest/most popular shop in Charlotte. They had been open for two hours by the time I got there. The only one I noticed that they were sold out of was Ventriloquist #1. I got the two that I wanted (Joker and Poison Ivy). When I left, I noted that there were approximately 10 copies left of Joker, 15 copies left of Poison Ivy and 4 copies left of Two-Face. I didn’t take note of the number of issues left for the other titles because I’m a Bat-Fan, but there were certainly more of those titles left as well.

  8. 4x Bizzaro
    2x Deadshot
    1x Creeper
    2x Count Vertigo
    5x Ventriloquist (I thought this was the highest speculation.)
    5x Joker
    1x Grodd
    4x Two Face
    2x Poison Ivy (Thought I had pre-ordered from TWAW, but didn’t. Just put in my order now.)

    Mocking Dead Cover 1b (subscription) x 2
    Batman 666 $4 NM (Random find!)

    Okay I did a combination of pre-orders and in-store hunting. Some stores are charging higher than cover, but I only paid cover. I must say most of the stores are on fire and I don’t think any of the first wave will be left by October.

    Midtown is now taking pre-orders for next week’s releases and have already sold out of key books such as Harley. These books are gone. I’ve never seen anything like this in a while. Store owners are saying these books will continue to mature in value as it’s already happening, but we will see. What a week.

    1. …and Cyborg Superman x3

      Mocking Dead Cover 1a x 1

      I’ll also add that I only saw one store with the Mocking Dead subscription cover 1b. I’m keeping my eye on this parody series….

      1. Yeah, I stopped by another store that had delayed shipment (so they couldn’t stock new comics until 5pm) and they had 4 copies of The Mocking Dead left and lucky me, 1 of those was cover 1B. I’m seeing these pop up for $30-$40 BIN on eBay already while 1A is starting around $10 and up. I picked up another 1A as well to flip, I really like cover 1B, not sure I’ll sell it but if the price is right, I surely will. 🙂

  9. This seems like some kind of weird ploy by DC to up the sales on these covers, When i first heard about the allocation i thought it was to sell them more by complete sets, but now it just seems like they were hoping for everyone to run out and buy them first day. They were right! And we all did. Looks like people who dont buy comics regularly did too im sure. 90s style selling trick.

    1. Agreed. Though, publication numbers are significantly lower than they were in the 90s. I’d think its more similar to when DC did their New 52 relaunch a couple years ago that sent everyone in a frenzy. Some of those titles are proven to be valuable today, which is why I think most people are concentrating on the batman villian books. Anybody know which title From the first wave is in the most demand? I was under the impression it was ventriloquist…but different retailers are having different results. Joker, 2 face, poison ivy…it may not even matter if it all sells out and it all has the same print run….in the end…the have nots will probably want the joker…but if anyone knows, that’s be great.

  10. 4 local retailers in my city (I am one of them – i did not order any of the 3D covers as i specialize in small publishers) 3 brick stores locally all sold copies for cover price as none of these shops ever mark up “hot” books. They all had copies left on the shelves but not too many of any. Flash #23.1 was the one sold out at all the shops but doesn’t mean that was sold out in other cities. Batman #23.1 was the most common as it should be due to regular highest comic orders. Most stores had about 5 copies left on the shelf at 6pm today. If anyone needs help with any I can now supply almost all the 3D covers for $5.99 each plus shipping

  11. I got one of each. Third Eye is still well stocked and looks like they may be for at least a week. All at cover price with the limit still at one each.

  12. 3d covers sold out here in my town, they had about 8 or 9 of each cover, the regular covers were fully stocked as usual. Funny thing is Catwoman #23 was long gone as well as all of the Trinity War titles….Really didnt expect that.

    Bad thing about my LCB store is they rarely order any variants so I always have to hunt for those. Owner will sell me as many copies of any book I want so I guess thats a plus. I never have much competition as far as small print run books, but they dont always order everything so I gotta make sure to place my orders through previews catalog. I would’ve liked to pick up a Forever Evil #1 Ultra-Man cover.
    Does anyone feel any of the Trinity War titles will come up in value? ( other than Trinity Sin)

  13. Day 3 –

    I went back to a “big store” in the area that had dozens and dozens of each cover. It seemed their inventory would last for at least 2 weeks. Fully stocked. Seriously. However, as I returned Friday, I came to realize that they were out! Only several titles remain in small quantities (about 6 or less)!

    Now…if this is a gimmick by DC, it most certainly worked. I’m thinking at least one of these titles is going to blow up in the secondary market like Batman/New 52.

    I still want to know the print run for each cover. Nobody seems to know due to the allocation. I’m not quite sure we can honestly determine which are the hottest (in order) at this time, because every buyer’s experience seems to be different across the board.

    Anyways, I’m over it. Spent way too much. I ended up picking more Mocking Deads :-p. Awesome comic. I recommend the subscription variant if you can find it. The book is already heating up…

  14. 2 of most 3D covers, but 17 Jokers & 7 Two Faces.
    I got every cover & the only 2 I paid more than cover price for was Ventrilliquist & Relic

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