Wednesday’s sold out books

There are a couple of books coming out this week that are sold out at the distributor level and worth a pick up. Selling out at the distributor level does not mean you cannot find them in stores, but they may sell out quickly, and once they do, the stores cannot reorder first prints.

Worth the pick up as they are sold out are the following:

The Mocking Dead #1 Humor and zombies in the vein of Shaun of the Dead. Print run of 10,400. Second Print Coming.

Reality Check #1 we reported on this one when it sold out. Now bleeding cool is saying to but it too.

19 thoughts on “Wednesday’s sold out books”

  1. Went to my local comic shop today and got all the covers for God Is Dead. As far as DC 3D covers go I got the Joker, Creeper, Deadshot and Count Vertigo. I’m getting other covers elsewhere online. Ordered Harley Quinn and other covers from MidtownComics just now, they are up. 🙂

  2. I grabbed the 3D Joker, Two Face and Poison Ivy. My local shop had almost all of the available for grabs off the shelves, which surprised me. I picked up God is Dead along with The Mocking Dead 1A and Reality Check, which both look like interesting reads.

    1. Yeah my shop had just about all of them and that was a big shock. Sadly I could not find Mocking Dead.

      1. Yeah, mine only had 1A available, I was actually hoping to grab 1B if I were to pick one out of the two.

      2. Thanks comicflipper but I’m satisfied for now. I just liked the cover art with the elevator better than the A cover, that looks like a howto book. Its still cool though. I’m gonna hit up another shop on the way home from work (they were saying they weren’t gonna actually stock up until after 5-6pm today, their shipment was severely late from the holiday on Monday.

  3. Getting the 3D covers doesn’t really seem to be as tough as we were all anticipating. There were plenty of them at my local shop too. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that the market is going to get flooded, and drive the price down. What I do regret not getting was the Forever Evil 3D cover.

  4. Well hearing how much your store had it for makes me think that I should have bought it. They had it at $149.99.

    1. I honestly wouldn’t pay that much for it. But if that’s the case, I’m definitely going to hit up the other shop here locally to see if they have any.

  5. There were just a few Sub variants that were listed at $3.49, but they were sold within 1/2 hour. (I got 2)

    1. Yeah, I’m only seeing two listed now, one for $39.99 and the other for $49.99. I’m happy to have gotten mine at cover price.

  6. I managed to get 6 of each cover of Mocking Dead, 5 of each cover of God is dead, 2 of most 3D covers, but 17 Jokers & 7 Two Faces.
    Now just need to wait for the untold amount of 99p auctions for 3D on ebay to finish before listing.
    With regards to Mocking Dead sub variant its going for about $15 (£10) on ebay UK. But not a lot selling as I reckon everyoone skint after the 3D craze!!

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