Dc Villains Month 3-d covers

Hey guys,

Don’t do this often but I have a full set of the Villains month 3D books up for sale. Trying to raise a little extra cash for the blog. I do combined shipping for up to six books at one price which includes tracking and insurance. If you missed out on any or want to pick up an extra here is a great opportunity to help out the website and score some sweet covers at/below ebay prices.

Earth 2 15.1 Desaad Cover $5.99
Batman and Robin 23.1 Two Face Cover $7.99
Detective Comics 23.1 Poison Ivy Cover $7.99
Green Arrow 23.1 Count Vertigo Cover $5.99
Batman 23.1 Joker Cover $7.99
Superman 23.1 Bizarro Cover $7.50
Action Comics 23.1 Cyborg Superman Cover $5.99
Flash 23.1 Grodd Cover $6.50
Justice League of America 7.1 Deadshot Cover $7.50
Green Lantern 23.1 Relic Cover $6.99
Justice League Dark Creeper Cover $4.99
Batman 23.1 Joker Cover $7.99
Batman the Dark knight 23.1 Ventriloquist Cover $7.99

Message me below or send me a private message at www.facebook.com/comicsheatingup. Paypal only, for international buyers, the books will be sent to ebay distribution center and then out to other countries.

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