Comic Picks of the week for Wednesday Sept. 11th 2013

Hey everyone, trying to get back on my regular schedule. Baltimore comic con really took its toll on me and my wallet, as did the 13 3d covers from last week. So I am looking for more flips. Here are this weeks books of the week based on what I, and others, think are going to be hot.

1. Sons of Anarchy #1 with out a doubt a big pick up this week. I missed out on getting the Baltimore Variant by a few minutes when the opened the previously VIP only exclusive up to the masses. So this book has several things going for it. A new #1, always brings out the specs. It is a hit tv show so it has huge cross-over potential. Finally it is motor cycle related, again, cross over potential. Sold out at TFAW but still available here at

2. Comics #23.2 Harley Quinn 3d cover– Fans love Harley, fans love Harley’s more provocative outfit. Fans love the bustier more provocative Harley in 3d. This is the 3d book to get this week, yes even if the stories have been sub par.

3. Locke and Key Alpha #1 High priced book, but it is the second to last issue in Joe Hill’s epic tale.

So that’s it for me. What are your picks for the week. Please feel free to comment in the message section or at

2 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the week for Wednesday Sept. 11th 2013”

  1. Locke and Key Alpha #1
    this issue. is it actually locke and key omega #6? Because I have been buying omega 1-5 and now i can’t seem to find any talk about omega 6 and #7 so i figure this alpha if it is the last two, is the continue from omega….
    Its confusing because on omega#1 it says in 6 issues its all over (7 total)

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