DC Comics Villains month covered at Examiner.com

DC Comics Villains month covered at Examiner.com

I am occasionally asked to write on Pop-Culture events for my local newspaper. The articles also run at the  Examiner.com. Here is the latest one in reference to DC’s Villains month 3d covers.



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  1. Wasn’t really sure where to put this comment, we need an ‘open forum’ kind of thing, but has anyone seen what Wild Blue Yonder is going for on the secondary market? Seems to be headed in the right direction! The least expensive #1A I can find is this one

      1. I’m laying a lot of chips on this one. I just bought 3 more copies of #1 (1st print) from a href=”http://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=24307859″>My Comic Shop. They still have more available….for now.

  2. @Arcanum, Yea, a general interest area would be nice, but I like this blog too much to even suggest changing anything!

    WBY: I didn’t pick this title up initially, but all of the reviews have been VERY positive. Confusingly, however, there has been mention of a movie for this comic, but I haven’t really seen the price spike that I was expecting!

    But, that’s why we speculate! I agree with COMICFLIPPER, when the movie deal is actually inked, I THINK THIS TITLE WILL EXPLODE!!!!!!! The book has an Amelia Earhart vibe to it, and that has always been such a mysterious, historically intriguing subject, so hopefully the heat cranks up on this book! That’s why I feel sorta lucky to be able to jump in now and nab a few nice copies. As I understand it, regarding WBY #1 all covers available are:


    First Printing PHANTOM VARIANT cover
    First Printing RE variant cover (B/W)
    First printing regular cover
    First printing SUB variant cover
    First printing 1:10 variant cover (RI)

    I’m headed to a Comic Con in Leeds, UK tomorrow, so I will add this book to my ever-growing ‘list of interest’! Every book that you guys have spek’d on since March is on my list, so hopefully the Brits aren’t quiet up on some of these indy books, and I can get some nice titles FOR A SONG!!!!!!!

    I’ll post on my pulls when I return!


    1. There was also a Third Eye Comics Variant to Wild Blue Yonder.

      I can do a general topic post where people can post responses to what ever they want. Since I do not have a forum, just comment section, it would be difficult to keep up with the general comment post.

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