DC Villains Month week three 3d covers still available

Here is a list of DC Comics Villain Month 3d variants still available. These are not lasting long and are selling for a premium Wednesday when they are released. They have been going up in price with each passing week. (Not saying they will stay up but these are excellent flipping material)

Action Comics 23.3 Lex Luthor
Batman and Robin 23.3 Ras Al Gul
Flash 23.3 Rogues
Superman 23.3 H’el
Swamp Thing 23.1 Arcane

18 thoughts on “DC Villains Month week three 3d covers still available”

  1. My shop got heavily allocated today. I was only able to get Lex Luthor, Arcane, ClayFace and Eclipso. Others are in the mail though. Also got Zero #1

  2. Midtown sold out of Joker’s daughter advance order within 15 minutes…I only was able to put in for 1x. I’m heated. blah!

      1. Yeah, I put in for the 2nd order after waiting the required 10 minute trial period after the first order and my cart was emptied. Yup…

  3. Here in the North (Toronto), stores are most heavily allocated this week. One store only had some Batmans (PENGUIN) left. Another store has only a few others but were selling all for mark up of $10 dollars, not cool. I didn’t bite. Finally managed to get all of them through a 3rd party at cover. Mark ups should not happen period. Retailers should not exploit the situation IMO, not in the first week. I am ALL FOR limiting purchase, so everyone gets a turn as first come first serve, but it’s not up to retailers to decide whether something should be charged extra straight off the shelves especially if they are NOT variants or such. 3-D’s were not marketed as variants, so they ARE NOT as such. My two cents anyway.

    1. That’s a good point Dakoit.

      I’m actually relieved that Villian’s Week is over! It was fun, but it was a bit much.

      Another copy of The Joker’s Daughter is the only thing that remains on my radar. The weekly runs should be back to normal with easy pick ups and flips. ITS OVERRRR :-).

      1. @comicflipper, correct. What I mean is I’m finished collecting these because I already have week 4 preordered through midtown and tfaw. Thanks again for the info. Next week I’ll be relaxin! *ahem* but I’ll be hunting for more joker daughters and whatever is on fire…but seriously…I’m glad it’s coming to an end. Good show DC…

  4. I”ve heard many debates from readers and collectors about their opinion on a retailer raising the price on a new comic. Generally nobody likes that. But I do find it a bit funny to hear from those who dont like to hear a retailer raise the price $5.00 but yet the same buyer is purchasing the same book just so they can resell it and make $5-$10 themselves. Is it fair to think a random buyer should be able to make a quick profit on a comic book but a business that makes their living selling comics shouldn’t !??! Look forward to hearing opinions on this !

    1. @Hoknes, I think there are a few things going on here.

      1) Seller’s store/Seller’s rules
      2) If a customer is a subscriber, and there is an understanding that the pull will be at cover price-then yes, it should be at cover price.
      3) If a person is not on a pull list and wants a book this far in the game, it’s up to the owner. People will remember the business ethic whether good or bad.

      Personally, I can understand both sides and it really comes down to circumstance. I have experienced one mark up thus far and I wasn’t a subscriber. I had to make a choice, either I pay an extra $2.00 or walk away. If my local store did that to me out of the blue, then yeah – I’d call them on it. But because I was traveling through a new store, and they barely had enough to honor their subscribers, I can understand the circumstance in this particular situation. I actually felt like they went out their way to help me, and I had no issue.

      I certainly can understand the frustrations of some retailers. However, make no mistake – there are some retailers out there that don’t care and will victimize their customers.

      People have to also understand that local comic book stores are somewhat of a dying breed. Or perhaps I should say “survivors”. Your smaller mom and pop stores maybe at a disadvantage from DC’s allocations, which hurt their monthly revenues compared to some of the bigger giants. That’s a perspective. As a buyer, we have to make a choice. As a seller, we have to make a choice. People will remember good and bad business based on choice. I’m content. If it doesn’t seem right, I’ll simply walk away and find something that works. my 2 cents :-).

  5. ComicLord – On your point #2 i agree 100% – i think that would be the one really shady thing any retailer could do to a customer who already reserved it.
    Next week is a weird one as Jokers Daughter sells for $3.99 retail but sells for $80.00 online ! So a retailer at most will make $1.99 profit while a customer could potentially flip it and make $76.00 profit. A comic store has to sell 38 comics for just that 1 quick sale that a customer makes on ebay. Any thoughts on that one ?

    1. Hoknes, I know where you are coming from but should retailers charge $80 for the book on the day it comes out. Lets be honest here for a second, that would alienate their customers. What is more likely to happen is the stores should set aside a portion of the print run for secondary market sales, not jack up the prices on their primary consumers. It is just bad business practice to scalp your customers.

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  6. Terry my friend, I totally understand where you are coming from. Comic shop owners need to make a living too, not get screwed by people who greedily flip at their expense. I get it.
    I don’t mind the dealer making one or two bucks. I can live with that…we all want to make a profit. But when a dealer charges $10 bucks for a $5 dollar comic, that screams greed right off the shelves. Taking adavantage of comic book junkies. That is 100% profit on a book, that in all accounts should be at cover price in the first week. Most people realize this, and that’s why the particular dealer is stuck with his stash of $10 dollar 3-D books while everyone else is sold out. I mean, he could have made it 6 bucks and I would have bought a couple. There are also those who don’t even want to sell, and just want to buy a goddamn 3-D book to stare at and cherish. Charging these people $10 dollars for a cover?I always tread a fine line between healthy speculation and greed…I never want what happened in the 90’s to come back again. Scalping right off the bat is, quoting a certain COO’s mantra “it’s just not good for business.”
    Greed was one of those things that brought the whole industry down, and when store operators do this, they cause a ripple all the way down. I’m not saying they should be all benevolent creatures, all I’m saying is they should practice a little more responsibility, (than the vultures in the after market) MOST DO, I know many store owners in Toronto, and most are allocating to people who already subscribe to the comics in pullists (first dibs) and or first come first serve, or charging 6 bucks. GREAT!
    The Ebay thing is crazy and doesn’t last (This comic has a huge print run, and has nothing for it except a 3-D cover) . There are those that will pay 1000’s for a supposed picture of jesus on a piece of toast, and these people don’t make a general population. Most of the shoppers on Ebay are actually budget conscious shoppers that hunt for a deal, or know when to quit when the bids are getting out of control. I’m pretty sure as soon as JD 3-D comes out, there will be some at 8-15 bucks that everyone can attain. Remember Todd the Ugliest Kid…that issue was going for 60 bucks for like 1 week, as tehhype machine winded down, you can find 1st prints now for 6 bucks. The hype machine right now will cause crazy people to over bid on JD 3-D , but once the actual product comes out we can expect earthly prices on Ebay. A retailer charging more than a couple bucks over cover doesn’t make sense. To me, retailer should have a sense of loyalty to a customer that comes back every week. Not try to squeeze him out of a comic because its hot. It should be the opposite, the loyal weekily customer should get actually get perks, because he’s supported the shop. That’s my opinion anyway. I go to a particular shop in Illinois whenever I go visit my sibling because he is really nice and gives me incredible deals. I also commended him many times in the past, as I continue to give him more business in return. Win win.

    1. Yup, you can now find Harley Quinn’s going for about $15-20 when they were reaching up to $60.

      Even the Outliers has fizzled off. When they were reaching $60 or so for the non-signed copy with only about half dozen or so listed at any given time, you can now find 2 dozen listed and it’s all the people who didn’t get it at cover trying to sell them at $40 or so. The auctions are looking to end in about the $10-$20 range.

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