Wednesday open forum DC 3d covers week 4

Hey everyone, the open forum question has been a hit over the last week so I wanted to do it again.

Let me know what week 4 books you were able to find via the comment section. Which ones were sold out or so allocated (an allocation of an allocation has occurred, it’s like double secret probation) that you did not find any in your local shops. Or feel free to talk about anything you like. I putting this up early (well late Tuesday night) as I will be in meetings all day tomorrow.

37 thoughts on “Wednesday open forum DC 3d covers week 4”

  1. I have had no problem getting 3D cover where I am at.
    I have all up to date. At cover no price gouging at my LCBS.
    Although tomorrow I might not be able to get JD cover.
    That’s Cool.
    I’m definitely not paying double what the online stores are asking.
    I’d rather spend my paper on another Silver Age Comic Book.
    They will eventually drop in price.
    Like everything else.

    1. I found some jokers daughters but unfortunately can’t get off work to pick them up and the stores won’t put them on hold…so I bet there won’t be any left when I get off. looks like I gotta send an associate in to handle my business or wait a while. I got 1 3D and 1 2D so far :-). Story? I’ll let you all figure it out. DC loves to play games…

  2. I got all of them no problem at my LCBS. I even got the last 3 weeks in a row for 25% off cover(even Joker’s Daughter) and all a day early too. I’ve heard of people driving to comic stores hours away just for a chance to get some of the 3D issues. The one store in my town sells them for double the price, while the other 2 do cover or maybe even a small sale if you buy a bunch of them. Hit and miss with the prices at stores I guess, and online is the same. I even saw a copy of Joker’s Daughter sell before it came out a few days ago for around $70, I’d rather take my chances at the store if ya ask me.

  3. I check this site daily but this is my first post. I wanted to say thank you for the awesome site and please keep up the great work. My collection would not be what it is today without the information provided here.

    I just wanted to say that I have a preorder for JD through Midtown and received email confirmation today that it’s been fulfilled and will ship tomorrow. I got that comic added right away last Wed the moment they became available. Keeping my fingers crossed it’ll actually be sent tomorrow with the rest of my order. I just wanted to put this out there incase others were lucky enough to grab one from Midtown. I’ve seen a couple people on the CGC boards who had their Midtown orders canceled so I thought this might help somebody know mine looks like it’ll be fulfilled. I also got the 2D version as well. I won’t have the opportunity to hit my LCS tomorrow because of work so best of luck to all of those chasing 3D’s tomorrow.

  4. I put the Jokers Daughter on my pull list right when my usual shop put up their pull list for this week. They’ve been pretty good about getting me the ones that weren’t already on my pull lists so I’m expecting at least 1 Jokers Daughter today.

    1. Well good morning my people.
      Don’t forget that the Powerpuff Girls comes out today as well. Lol
      I will be the shops today early.
      I just picked The Avengers #15 Slabbed yesterday for $45 graded at 9.0.
      This person obviously don’t know about comic books.Either that or who ever it was just wanted paper, and fast.
      Now that’s the find of the week for me.

      1. Where did you get that?

        I am actually very excited for the Cartoon Network line coming out from IDW. Really looking forward to Samurai Jack. Would like to see a new Dexter’s Lab.

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  5. Yea I got my JD cover last week from midtown and my wife is trying to get me another this morning but idk how successful she will be because from what I hear the JD cover is very limited. I honestly think a month from now that book will be a ridiculous price. Giving the hype that was around the book before it came out and all the people that will not get it because they are waiting on the price to drop will cause the price to stay high. Just my opinion. I will get 1 CGC and sell it in a month.

    1. No luck for me getting a 3D JD but I did notice the same as you that the standard covers were scarce, I didn’t nab one at my lcs bc I figured there would be some at my 2nd stop but they were fresh out of both there.

      1. My wife went to one store today that had the 3d jokers daughter in stock at the low low price of $30. Of course she said no and commented that they should be cover price (they were not marked at $30) and he said that they would be $60 next week. This is a shame because I just made a deal with that shop on some Clone #1 Adlard variants. Might back out in it now and tell them they are $30 each.

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    2. My shop was short changed and didn’t get any 3D Joker Daughters. They only had the regular cover available, so that’s what I got instead of the 3D. I’ve already checked the other local shops in my area, they’re not going to have any on the shelves.

      1. Yup, currently 360 hits on eBay. Gonna grab the popcorn, watch it for a few weeks then nab a copy likely for $10-$15 most likely once the crazies get their overpriced/overhyped copies! I did grab a few standard editions, so it all depends on my mood if I end up getting the 3D one. 🙂

        The only reason I did want one was I primarily got all of the Batman related 3D covers, now I’m just 1 shy of the Batman 3D collection.

  6. My local Forbidern Planet uk had no 3D JD or so they said. Went in first thing. Said they had none, but saw a couple handed over to friends of manager!! Def held under the counter to push 50 on ebay.They had a nice stack of the 2D covers which I grabbed a few of.
    Another uk site who had a first come first served policy on the 3D’s auctioned the Jokers daughter off. Only cover they did it on!
    Managed to get a Harley 3D which was cool.
    Interesting to see if prices soften now. Anyways enjoyed the attention the books got. Good for comics. lookin forward to Letter 44.

  7. @serling@72, hey dude, that’s interesting! What FP did you go into? I was going to the one in Leeds, but I had an UNBELIEVABLY crap day and didn’t even get a chance to go anywhere…I’M PIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZED RIGHT NOW COMMUNITY! Of all the days…OF ALL THE FLIPPIN’ DAYS!!!!!!! Anyway, I’m almost over it now…YEA, RIGHT!

    Anyway, I had contacted the FP in Leeds a couple of days ago, and he told me that they were getting between 10-30 copies of 3d JD’s. Soooooo, at about 1030am our time I called the shop and he said they were already sold out. I asked him how many did they get in: HE SAID THEY GOT 30 COPIES OF THE 3D JD IN! That’s when I almost puked in my mouth!!!!!! I had that pegged community…I was going to be there at 0930, when the guy said his doors would open….OF ALL THE FLIPPIN’ DAYS!!!!!!

    Anyway, I managed to get one copy (3d JD) from a shop in Grimsby for 10GBP (approx $16), so I guess that’s it for me…I’M DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW YALL!!!!!!! The biggest comic event of the year, and I had to just watch it from the sidelines! I had planned to grab AT LEAST 10-15 copies. Oh well, at least I saved some serious cash. Yea, and I agree that these current prices ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE….NOT BY A LONG SHOT! So, I will wait and eventually grab one more 3d JD to go with the rest of my JD material.

    Hey, speaking of other Joker’s Daughter material, I’ve been seeing a ‘considerable’ amount of interest in the 1966 series of: TEEN TITANS! Specifically issues #46, 47 & 48 (ALL EARLY APPEARANCES OF GUESS WHO…….YEP, THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER-Duela Dent). And in issue #48, Joker’s Daughter (Duela Dent) TURNS INTO The Harlequin for the first time! Most of you know my style by now, and you probably guessed that I have ALREADY gotten 2 VF+ copies of each of those books…CHEEEEEEAAAAAAPPPPPP! Just speculating, ya know!!!!!!! If JD actually sticks around the DC universe, and they do her justice, then these early issues ‘MAY’ become highly sought after? Who knows folks…Who knows?????

    So, we all know that Duela Dent went over to the Teen Titans after her 1st appearance in Batman Family (in which the only issues she actually appeared in are: #6 (1st appearance), #8 & #9)…[so, why did I get 2 full VF sets of the entire BF series (1-20)]….well, ’cause it’s some darn good, CLASSIC writing, and decent artwork for circa 1975-77 comic books! Yea, I just thought it would be a nice set (X2) to have in VF condition!

    Anyway, I have noooo idea if these early appearances of the JD in the Teen Titans books will garner any serious interest, but I can direct folks to a few cheap copies if they wish!

    Anyway, I think I’m going back in my dark corner and ‘SULK’ some more…ONLY ONE COPY OF 3D JD!!!!!!!!

    I think I’m going to take a break from the spek game for a while.

    No offense @COMICFLIPPER, but every since I found your GLORIOUS SITE in March, I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT NOTHING ELSE EXCEPT HUNTING COMICS, AND SCORING THE BIG ONE! Now, after today, I feel like a loser, and I feel DEFEATED because I didn’t get 10-15 copies of a stupid gimmick-cover comic that will be worthless by Christmas!!!!! IMO!

    Sorry folks, just felt like a vent!

    Anyway, keep up the good work with the site! I’m sure I’ll swing through from time to time!

    I hope everyone get the big fish that they are ULTIMATELY after…

    L8tr Folks,

  8. went to a comic shop that i knew would have 5 JD 3D when they open,drove a hour to the place,me and my 3 friends waited another hour and half outside the place to open”the guy who runs the shop showed up about 45 minutes before the shop opened” seen me and my friends waiting.then with 5 minutes before the shop opens 4 kids showed up to wait in line.when the shop opened the owner said he would do a lottery system and we walked up to cash out and i asked him “what about first come first serve?”he responded by saying “you can thank DC Comics for that!”so 2 kids that walked up 5 minutes before the shop opened got 2 copies and me and my friends got the other 3! this was total bulls#%t buy the owner who seen me and my friend standing out there the whole time…….

      1. Jokers Daughter is not Duela Dent, it never really says a name, but SPOILER ALERT………

        She is just a girl obsessed with pain (cutting herself) she has Daddy issues and is sent away. She is just a pissed off chick with a love for ugly, finds herself in the wastes of Gotham finds a mask and burns peoples faces with a metal thing she finds and ends up taking the name Jokers Daughter because he also likes ugly. Pretty vague story. Guess we will find out what her plans are in CW 24

      2. I haven’t read it yet but now I’ll likely put it further down the list of todo reads out of my nice stack from today. I haven’t gotten around to all my 3D reads but so far of the ones I have read, I have not been impressed. My 7 year old can come up with more interesting and entertaining stories.

      3. @1195200…….Ok thanks for the info. I was just curious because I could not find Jokers Daughter anywhere. I’ll have to buy it on ebay eventually but not now.

        I did pick up The Other Dead and Rat Queens today.

    1. I didnt get 3d cover of JD either, picked up a couple 2d covers though. I was rather curious about this particular character being all the hype around her. Honestly its exactly how i wrote, very broken and not at all what i was expecting It was an inner monologue book about nothing. Anyone paying big bucks for this book should be smacked with a rolled up copy of Joker 3D

  9. Wow I can’t believe how hard it was for some people to get the JD issue. Just a heads up that 2nd print 3D covers will be released in Dec. I have read all but 5 of them and think that they are all great. Some have tie ins to the Trinity War/Forever Evil story, whereas others are stand alone stories, usually pertaining to the character’s origin. Only 3D cover I didn’t get was the limited Forever Evil #1 3D variant.


    Fellazs, have I got an EXCLUSIVE scoop for you lot!!!!!!!!

    Check out the link that I am posting below (FYI, I AM POSTING WITH PERMISSION FROM THE SOURCE):

    For those of you who may not know who Mr. Bob Rozakis is, HE’S THE ORIGINAL WRITER (and creator) OF THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER FROM THE 1975-77 BATMAN FAMILY BOOKS, AS WELL AS THE TEEN TITANS (1966 SERIES) EARLY APPEARANCES OF JD!

    I finally found him; I had been wanting to track him down every since JD resurfaced in the DC New 52 titles!

    He’s been out of the game for a while, but you can tell he’s still passionate about comics and whatnot! Wait until you read his quip about a certain video that you just posted on your site here!

    He gave me permission to post our chat on YOUR blog dude, and HE SAID HE IS MORE THAN WILLING TO ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM ‘YOUR’ BLOGGER’S!

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    I have to ask that no one shares ‘CERTAIN’ information that I have posted on Mr. Rozakis’ blog spot, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
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