Sex Criminals #1 From Matt Fraction sells out

And for the third of three stories on recent Image sell outs, this has the biggest print run. We also just reported Rat Queens and Zero, both from Image have sold out. The print run follows the bump.

The print run on this book came back a little higher than expected at 46,000 copies. Remember, and don’t send me angry messages, that a sold out book means sold out at the distributor level, it does not mean your local store does not have copies. But once those copies are gone, they are unable to get more first prints.

12 thoughts on “Sex Criminals #1 From Matt Fraction sells out”

  1. I see stacks of these and the “ghost” variants. I’ll consider buying one, but I’m not going to over speculate on this due to the numbers. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad we have the numbers up front.

      1. It’s a good book, no doubt with a unique concept. I’m going to pick up a ghost variant. The high print runs or this, lazarus, and East of West with 2nd, 3rd, 4th printings, makes it difficult from a speculator point of view. But this is definitely a solid read, so enjoy! Let me know what you think :-).

      2. Yeah, hard to flip comics when they’re so easily and readily available off the shelf. These are the types where you grab a few extra, keep around and wait to see if they take off further down the road, when more people get interested in it and the demand picks up long after their initial release date.

  2. I asked them if they have any Sex Criminals and half the staff ran out the back door. Weird.

    Anyway, I did manage to find 15 copies the zero phantom variant and picked those up along with the last 3 Rat Queens in the store.

    1. I got 9 copies of Rat Queen #1 Signed by Kurtis Weibe and Roc plus a Betty Lithograph signed by both. The litho was limited to 30 pieces and was commissioned for the signing. Sold one signed copy in preorder so I have 8 copies left. Let me know if anyone is interested.

      1. Comic Flipper and I (Comic Lord) met up at the Rat Queens signing event today. Speculation at full force. I was number 31 in line everyone, and missed out on the Lithograph. Haha, the irony! It’s all good though. I managed to get 2x Rat Queens variants signed, 4x Rat Queens regular covers signed, 6x peter panzerfaust image firsts signed, and 1x peter panzerfaust captain hook pre-2012 sketch I had from Tyler at the 2012 image expo. Finally got Wiebe’s signature on it for a complete package. It’s awesome!

        When I got back home, my “Joker’s Daughter” 3D was waiting for me in the mail. Collection is now complete. It was good meeting you Comic Flipper and really appreciate the site and stats. Keep up the good work. We’ll be in touch.

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