Comics Picks of the Week for Wednesday 10/9/13

Another Wednesday, another week of hot new comics. This weeks comics feature some new series, some returning favorites and a dash of horror. Halloween is right around the corner and horror books sell well in October. Here is what we are speculating on this week.

1. Walking Dead #115 – Sure, print runs are up with each issue of The Walking Dead, especially on books starting a new story line and event books. But this is the start of the biggest story line yet, ‘All Out War.’ All the regular covers are sold out. There is a NYCC variant for $2.99, which is a steal, and a blank variant.

2. Afterlife with Archie #1 – Archie? Yeah this one is not for kids. The undead invade Riverdale. Archie comics is thinking out of the box on this one. Many store variants available so the regular version is a must pick up.

3. Death Sentence #1 – Superpowers transmitted via an STD. Titan Comics feature low print runs and have gone up in price Sexy covers will bring in the buyers. Already sold out.

4. Cryptozoic Man #1 – Larry’s pick of the week (Larry’s Comics). Low print run. TV show tie in, Convention variant that sold really well for being a freebie. When the tv show comes back out look for a spike in interest and price.


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8 Responses to Comics Picks of the Week for Wednesday 10/9/13

  1. Heads up: X-Men #6 is the first appearance of that blue Wolverine, Marvel has been using in promotional images. I just bought a case on spec. I smell ten dollar bills…

  2. drewbentley says:

    Anyone going to any of their LCBS Walking Dead midnight release parties? Hopefully there’s enough Midnight Release variants to go around as well, so don’t count that one out. Apparently only stores hosting the midnight release got these variants.

    • I am supposed to have one secured. Hopefully that pulls through as I can’t go to my local comic shop for the release party. But Third Eye Comics is very friendly and are supposed to be hooking me up.

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  3. drewbentley says:

    Got my complete cover set A – M. I grabbed one of each of Covers A – L and was able to snag two Cover M’s and picked up two 10th Anniversary Color #1’s as well. At my regular LCBS in the morning, I’ll likely have another A-K set, the L seemed limited. One store didn’t have any available. Surprisingly, the stores were not busy (I guess only us crazies come out at midnight for comic books). I did notice that cover F seemed rare, one store was out and another had only what appeared to be about a dozen or so. I can’t wait to see the print runs of each as neither store in my area doing the midnight release seemed to have the same number of covers so they definitely can’t be evenly printed.

  4. drewbentley says:

    My regular shop ran out quickly on the covers, only a handful of a few of the blander ones. I couldn’t make another complete A-K set. They didn’t even have the 10th Anniversary #1 or any cover A’s left, which surprised me.

  5. hoknes says:

    most retailers i think overstocked on #100 and didnt want to overdo it so they were more cautious with this issue causing sellouts everywhere ! Im now sold out too

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