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Someone asked me in the comment section about the return-ability of recent Image books. I started writing everything down when I found this blurb from bleeding cool. Since I am still sick, and feeling a little lazy as a result, I copied this over. Looks like Three, which launches this week, may or may not be returnable, depending on how many copies are ordered.

Retailers, even those who order heavy on Image launches, are more likely to have focused in October on Pretty Deadly #1, Velvet #1 and Rocket Girl #1, the first two getting Diamond Gems in solicitations, as well Walking Dead #115 and its launch of All Out War.

If retailers order 110% of their East Of West #1 numbers for Pretty Deadly #1, it is completely returnable. If retailers order 110% of Lazarus #1 for Velvet #1, it is also returnable. And if retailers order 110% of Satellite Sam #1 for Rocket Girl #1, it is again returnable. And both Lazarus, Satellite Sam and East Of West launched with a similar deal, based on the sales levels of earlier Image comics. The numbers have been building, launch by launch.

But Three #1, also solicited in October, didn’t get that deal.

Three had an incentive extra discount for retailers who ordered 110% of Sex #1. Which is good, but not quite as enticing as the other three books and their returnable deal, and less likely to see retailers overstock just to see what the demand is. If Three #1 doesn’t sell, even with extra discount, the retailers are stuck with them.

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