Back Issue Talk Scam #1 from Comixtribe

There has been quite a bit of talk about Comixtribe’s Scam #1 by Joe Mulvey in the comment section, so I wanted to Spotlight the book a bit and set people on the hunt. There are two versions of #1, a self published version with a print run of 777 copies and a Diamond Released version with a higher print run. To complicate the matter more, the original print run of 777 is divided among variants. Two things cause books to shoot up in value, rarity and demand. This book has rarity as most of the variants are limited to 100 copies and the total print run is 777.

Thanks to guinsfan68 for the link to Scam #1 1st edition (not Diamond edition) Collector’s Paradise edition for $9.99 limited to 50 copies.

Thanks to UKpondside for the pics. Final pic is mine with a picture of the notice inside front cover.









So yes Prophecy, mine is the first print not the Diamond release.

13 thoughts on “Back Issue Talk Scam #1 from Comixtribe”

      1. It all depends on what they go for.
        It’s only worth what a person is willing to spend.
        Comic book Collecting 101. Lol.
        Not sure yet.

  1. Hi Anthony and Prophecy. I was looking for these same comics. I saw a few sketch variants on eBay numbered out of 100. Are these the variants from the self published print run of 777? I think the the prices they want on eBay are too high at around $100. I think $50 sounds more reasonable. What are your thoughts on this as well?

    1. Yes, the 777 is broken down into variants. Guinsfan68 gave me a link for Collector’s Paradise version, which was 50 out of 777. I have the Third Eye Variant which was limited to 50 out of 777. So those two variants are 1 in 7.77 variants. The sketch variants are nice, but I am not sure I would spend $100 on a book that is 1 in 7.77 when other variants can be had cheaper and have a smaller print run

      1. Cool, thank you for your advise also. I usually keep an eye on the blog to see what input you or Anthony have. I will keep an eye out for you, I would appreciate it if you did the same. Thanks again.

  2. even the diamond print is very low at just around 2000. Also i saw that there was a second printing…not sure if this was before or after the diamond version came out. on one site the 2nd printing is labeled as 1b and the diamond printing is labeled as 1c

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