Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios signing

The comic signing for Pretty Deadly #1 at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis was a success.
Kelly Sue Deconnick is fantastic and took the time to not only sign books but have real conversations with people about comics or what ever else. She was really nice to talk to.

I spoke to her about Pretty Deadly selling out and she stated she was in a plane when she found out the book had sold out and was so overwhelmed she sank down into her seat. I asked her about the controversy with Comics Ink in California bombing her book and even ripping up a copy. Kelly said she felt like she made it as they bomb all books and she was honored they took the time to pan her book. She said she felt it was silly to rip up a book. But added that the store already paid for it so they could do whatever they wanted. She did say that she would not respond to Hannibal Tabu’s comments at CBR with out rage, nor should people who support her because he gets paid per click at CBR and she doesn’t want to reward him for his negative press by earning him money off a back and forth. Kelly Sue added that while he was panning her book he was also promoting a book he was writing.

Off the ripgate topic, we talked about the relaunch of Captain Marvel. When asked why Marvel was renumbering the series and relaunching it after her successful run, she said Marvel was taking Captain Marvel “cosmic” and wanted to start the fresh new story with a new series. Looks like Captain Marvel will be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy, or joining them in space at least.

Thanks to everyone who preordered Pretty Deadly #1 signed. Most of the orders went out today. Doing these signings helps pay for I appreciate the help. All the preordered signed variants have sold but I have a couple of regular covers signed left and some unsigned variants left. Also Mad thanks to Comic Lord for helping me get the 60+ books signed.






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