Larry’s Comics Pick of the Week 11/6/13

Always glad when Larry from stops by to give us his pick of the week. Larry has been speculating on comics for a long time and used to write the speculating bible Larry’s Comics Market Report. You can still check him out on twitter at #comicmarket and @larryscomics.



(W) Kim Hutchinson, Kari Castor (A) Mike Krome (CA) Mike Krome, J. Scott Campbell

A new heroine rises from the legends of the ancient world. Shahrazad was known for her amazing stories of 1001 Arabian Nights, but now it is time to tell her story! She lives a life unlike anything you could imagine. An existence that spans generations as well as genres. In this new ongoing series, Shahrazad stares into the storms on the horizon with determination, but the forces of nature, and of history, are not to be taken lightly!

NOBODY will see this one coming…
remember last weeks J. Scott Campbell cover

11 thoughts on “Larry’s Comics Pick of the Week 11/6/13”

  1. JSC total hotness… I agree. Even with that controversy intended miniskirt. But it is not a limited variant (as in SSM#19) , but equally ordered. Even so I agree, low print run…always good.


  2. Don’t get hung up on fantasy costumes, folks. This is a fantasy adventure book. Would you prefer she wears full body armor? Fantasy is what fictional stories are all about, and there is absolutely story beyond the mini skirt as well. Leave reality behind and have a little fun with your comics again. Gorgeous art and fun character designs make this book visually incredible, and the story takes these images to new levels with a well thought out plotline that will keep you guessing as to just what it is that’s going on here, all the while it gives you pieces to the overall puzzle. The book has already received rave reviews from a story and art standpoint, don’t miss out on something fun just because you can’t imagine a fantasy heroine in a skirt.

  3. I never got hung up on the costume. I actually love it. It is pure fantasy and these are strong women. However, others may not feel the same way is my point, especially her being an Arabian woman (last I heard Saudi Arabia was an Islamic state)…just saying. I’m sure the artists knew what they were doing when they made the costume selection (ie. create controversy=hype). Therefore the speculation on my part (observation). I am totally looking forward to this comic for its story and art. I respect and do support your opinion Tom.

    1. I totally appreciate your opinion here, and this isn’t a personal attack in any way. This is just something that has been bugging me for many years as so called comic book readers have been complaining about costumes not being “realistic” to a situation or character. IN many cases we are talking about characters that fly, or shoot lasers out of their eyes. I mean…with THOSE powers being exhibited in a story you are going to tell me your (generalization here…not actually you) suspension of disbelief is disabled because you see some skin on their legs or chest? LOL. Fantasy is just that, and I approve all the art in all our books, so if you want to blame someone, come talk to me 🙂 I’ll be happy to debate you until you see it my way.

      I hope you enjoy the book, it’s only going to get better as Kari and Kim both continue to write the series. These ladies know what they are doing, and I work closely with them to make sure it’s an A+ product for our fans. This is a story will all kinds of roots that will grow as the series progresses. It’s gonna be as much a story driven ride as it is visual.

      1. A couple of points. First, even if she is Muslim of Saudi decent, she is a character who has lived for hundreds of years and has adventured all over the world. So she has been exposed to other cultures and other styles of dress. Two, it makes as much sense having her adventuring in traditional Saudi Muslim garb adventuring as it would having her going on adventures in a belly dancing outfit which is something many companies have done. Finally, a main character in a burqa would just not sell books. That would be why Dust from the X-Men has never had a solo series.

        It’s all for fun after all. Tom has said there is a story behind her outfit.

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