iZombie #1 heating up

Last week we ran a post that iZombie from Vertigo comics was being picked up for a WB TV show. We gave you links where you could get issues for $3. Well, it is selling for a lot more now.

Copies of #1 are selling in the $24 range currently. If you have extra copies it might not be a bad time to unload them. I plan on hitting some shops tomorrow to see what stock is left out there.
iZombie #1 selling for over $20

Now the flip idea…. You can currently find I Zombie (Issue #1) on Amazon starting at $4 get it and resell them on eBay.

8 thoughts on “iZombie #1 heating up”

  1. I have a couple of #1s of This book 🙂 . Do you recommend that I put these books up on EBay right away? Or should I whait till the TV show comes out?

    1. It’s up to you but if you have a couple if them you could do both. If you have 3 copies, you probably spent $9 Max on them. Why not sell one to recoup your original money put out plus a nice profit. That way you keep one or two and sell again when the tv show comes out.

  2. Last week mycomicshop.com had copies of #1 for $4 each. Of course now they’re sold out of #1, I should’ve grabbed 1 or 2 when I had the chance.

      1. I think I’m going to check both my LCS’ to see if they have any. There is also Hastings in my area that I might check out. They sell comics but their selection isn’t the greatest. Worth a look though.

  3. I bought this book when it first came out for a buck (cover price). It was amazingly done, and I immediately thought to myself…hmm…this would make a great series. Thank you CW for realizing that. With Chris Roberson, Mike Allred is the perfect artist on this book. Let the specs begin!

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