Sandman Movie?

There are three stories out there that may suggest that a Sandman Movie could be coming. Subsequently, prices on the 1st issue of Sandman have been moving higher recently. Sandman #1 on eBay

The first of the two stories is from IGN which says that Jospeh Gordon-Levitt may be attached to star in the movie.
Gordon-Levitt would play the lead character Morpheus. IGN links to an MTV story which Neil Gaiman is quoted as saying, “What tended to happen a lot in the ’90s was the point where Warner [Bros.] would get relatively close to making a Sandman movie, and then somebody would get realistic about the fact that the film would not be PG-13,” he said. “It would be incredibly big and expensive, and it would never really be made or the sequence of films that you would need to make Sandman would never get made. I think things like the Dark Knight films kind of changed that, just how big and dark you could get.”

The Third story is from CBR that Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer has pitched a Sandman movie to Warner Brothers.

All three stories came out today, after a cryptic story from bleedingcool stating another Vertigo book was on its way to being a tv show. It was one of those unstories that don’t tell you anything other than the fact that another book may be on its way to the tv.

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  1. My wife loves this series yet she’s not a comic book person. Like they say, everyone read this comic book, even the people who didn’t read comic books. I was thinking about getting her a #1, guess I’m gonna have to move more quickly on it now so I’m not spending more for it. 🙂

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