Speculation Corner for February 17th, 2020

We had all sorts of  rumors and speculation over the past week. Its time to sit back and disseminate the information and discuss what we think, so sit back and put your Tin Foil Hats on.

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Tom Ellis cast as Lucifer in Vertigo TV adaptation

Variety announced that the titular character in the TV adaptation of the Vertigo Comic Lucifer has been cast. Actor Tom Ellis has gotten the role. Continue reading “Tom Ellis cast as Lucifer in Vertigo TV adaptation”

Vertigo Comics Lucifer gets confirmed Pilot

Still trying to catch up on the RSS feed. Here is one you should look at.
Sandman spinoff, Lucifer now has a confirmed Pilot episode. Fox has given the go ahead order for the pilot according to Variety.com. Continue reading “Vertigo Comics Lucifer gets confirmed Pilot”

Vertigo Lucifer gets Pilot Commitment

Deadline Hollywood has reported the Vertigo / DC Spin-off of Sandman, Lucifer, to getting shopped for it’s own tv series.
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Sandman Overture Commercial Airs on TV

Vertigo did something cool I have’t seen in a long time. The aired a commercial for one of their current books, Sandman Overture. I saw it while catching up on last weeks American Horror Story: Coven. The video can be seen here and is done in the motion comic format. Hopefully it will bring in some of the non-comic readers who read The Sandman. It highlights the fact there hasn’t been a new Sandman comic in 17 years.