A Look Ahead to Wednesday 11/27/13

Another big week on tap. Plenty of new stuff to keep on your radar (including some promising #1 issues.)

Black Science #1– Swiss Family Robinson meets Quantum Leap in Rick Remender’s new series.

Five Ghosts #7– New story line begins in this awesome book.

Ghost Cop #2– Second issue of this under he radar cool series. First issue sold out.

Goon #44– Eric Powell’s epic comedy/horror/noir series is back. Will be moving to one-shots and mini-series like Hellboy in the future.

Half Past Danger #6– Last issue in the awesome action/adventure series released.

Hawkeye #14– Marvel’s best written series.

Letter 44 #2 Oni press hit new series with a potential tv show. This series has everything going for it. Expect second issue to have a smaller print run.

Six Gun Gorilla #6– Awesome Boom! series comes to an end of the first story-line and moves to an ongoing series.

Pretty Deadly #2 second issue in the new hit Image series from Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios.

Rat Queens #3 Fun Image series with some legs behind it.
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2 thoughts on “A Look Ahead to Wednesday 11/27/13”

    1. Yup, I knew about the two deaths. This book sold out last week at the distributor level. On-line stores are already sold out or limiting the amount of copies you can buy. There is a 1 in 10 variant featuring the Shield TV show cast.

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