Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition heating up

We have talked a lot about ‘Voice in the Dark’ by Larime Taylor. We ran an interview with him a couple of months back and i have had the pleasure of talking to him several times. I have really gotten behind this book and hope it continues to grow.

The book started out as a successfully funded Kickstarter Fund Raiser and the Kickstarter editions have been sent out. They have shown up on eBay and were going for about $19.95. The Kickstarter edition features the first three issues that will be coming out from Top Cow and Minotaur. The book has seen an uptick in price and are going in the $30-$40 range now. Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition;. There are not many copies online. 


8 thoughts on “Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition heating up”

  1. I would really like to get a signed/sketched Kickstarter for my collection if this is possible. Please email or message me back. Thanks! 🙂

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