Comics Picks of the Week for 11/27/13

Each week tons of new books come out each week. We pick out the books that we think have a shot of rising in value. Here are our picks for November 27, 2013.

1. Walking Dead #117– Always a go to for me. With the books coming out every two weeks it may cool interest off some, but the storyline has been killer and we are finally seeing some real action after a long period of character development.

2. Black Science #1– Swiss Family Robinson meets Quantum Leap in Rick Remender’s new series. Yes, it is a new Image book and I know number #1 Image books are over sold, but one of these are going to stick and this may well be the one.

3. Uncanny Avengers #14 – Death of not one, but two major characters. Selling out in on-line stores. Sold out at the distributor level for almost a week. List of early sell outs for this Wednesday.

4. SAGA #16– Another go to book for me. Issues have been selling out since they took their last trade paper back break. More and more people keep jumping on.

So there are our picks of the week. Speaking of The Walking Dead, you can pick up the 1,000 plus page compendiums for $17.99. Compendium #1 and Compendium #2

Also, and if you haven’t done so, check out Community Black Friday deals. Readers have been posting some great books at great deals. These are not just junk books but signed books, variants, and silver and bronze age books.

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