Preacher TV Deal Reached with AMC

Well, this didn’t take long. There were rumors of a Preacher TV deal on the pipe, and it just got announced.AMC and Sony Tv just released news that Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s classic book, Preacher, is coming to AMC. Seth Rogen is set to produce. Full story later this evening. 

4 thoughts on “Preacher TV Deal Reached with AMC”

  1. Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!
    Excellent news guys!
    Upon the original TV SHOW news from CHU a few weeks ago, I had a single VF+ copy of Preacher #1.
    I felt very, very strongly about the positive nature of this news, and I went straight out and combed through 100’s of EBAY auctions (US & UK), and numerous online shops (again, US & UK), and I have been able to compile a complete set of VF+ Preacher comics 1-66!
    I was on the lookout for auctions with multiple books with free or cheap s/h.
    Issues #2-10 were obviously the most expensive to obtain, but I won an auction in the UK for issues 2-10 for 27 GBP (~ $42). The rest of the books were acquired for cover, and some for less than cover (based on the bundle amount). Example: I got VF+ issues 14-21 for $6.99; 27 random issues for $25, and numerous books from the same shop for hella reduced prices & combined s/h…
    Also, the following EBAY auction was my inspiration for getting the complete Preacher run (1-66) in VF+ condition: (check out the date of this auction…how much will a full set be going for in a few days, when the news of the TV Show spreads???):
    I am absolutely thrilled to hear this latest news regarding the Preacher show, and I will start looking at the Preacher books as they surely begin to rise in value based on this latest TV news!
    Like Flipper said: THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG! So, I’m UBBER happy I went straight out and got a complete set as soon as CHU hyped this book!
    Gold Dust again Boys!

  2. …And this auction is missing the majority of the books from the run:
    Advice: If you don’t get any other Preacher book, GO OUT AND FIND A NICE CONDITION PREACHER #13. This is the first appearance of: THE HUNTERS! Obviously, when the TV series is made, and these character’s (The Hunters) debut, ALL of the Hunters appearances will SKYROCKET! Look at Michonne, The Governor…ect!
    Just a head’s folks! Don’t sleep on these books any longer!

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