Suicide Squad Confirmed on this season on Arrow

If it is any indication of how a comic value can be effected by the character appearing on a TV show, just check out what the first appearance of Deadshot. The book has jumped to $100 book in just a few months.
Well it has been confirmed that the Suicide Squad team will be appearing on Arrow this season

“Arrow” executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that the Suicide Squad will be featured in the 16th episode of “Arrow” Season 2; which will also be called “Suicide Squad.” The episode will bring back Audrey Marie Anderson as A.R.G.U.S. Agent Lyla Michaels and focus on John Diggle (David Ramsey); whom Lyla compels to work with the Suicide Squad.
“[Lyla] saddles [Diggle] with the Suicide Squad,” explained Kreisberg. “Including Floyd Lawton (Michael Rowe).” Lawton is better known to comic fans as Deadshot, an assassin for hire. In “Arrow,” Lawton killed Diggle’s brother and he was last seen earlier in the second season after Diggle reluctantly helped him escape from a Russian prison.
This incarnation of DC’s Suicide Squad was created in 1987 by John Ostrander. The central idea is that several supervillains are offered the chance at getting a reduced sentence if they agree to take part in dangerous missions which they may not survive.

The incarnation of the team they are talking about is made up of Block Buster, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and Enchantress. They first appeared in DC Legends #3 .
DC Legends #3 1st Modern Suicide Squad goes for between .99 cents and $3 on eBay.

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  1. Ok, I’m going to try this title out. Again, I’m not a fan of DC’s stuff at all, but I know the Arrow show is hot, and if the show producers debut the Suicide Squad in a strong and catching way, yea, I think this back issue will gain some heat.
    So, I have gone out and snagged X2 NM- complete sets of the DC Legends, 6-part mini-series (#3 is the specific book being spek’d here) from the 1987 John Byrne series. Getting two sets from the same seller, so average spend of $15 per set…+ $3 shipping! I will email him to see if he will ship free. So, the way I look at it, if he agrees to ship free, I save that $3, yea…I can probably grab 3 more #3’s with that $3 before the news spreads…ref my current auction news below!
    A quick write-up on Legends issue #3 from the series back then:
    Legends 3 – Superman, Flash, Suicide Squad, Deadshot, Blockbuster: Darkseid has launched an attack on Earth – discrediting heroes like Superman & Batman – so when he sends his gigantic servant Brimstone to cause more chaos – the U.S. Government re-forms the Suicide Squad. A team of captured super-villains working for the Government to work off their sentences!
    Will everything go as planned? – Nope, as long time Batman foe – the incredible Blockbuster soon meets his death!
    Seems like material the producers can certainly work with, and of course the platform (Arrow show) is already there, so yea, I’m going to get my feet wet a bit with this one!
    Oh, and I also have bids in for two VF+ #3’s. One auction is at $1.20 (one bid…me), and the other is at $1.40 (one bid…me)!
    BTW, all of this action is from the UK, so I don’t think many folks here are up on the news yet.
    We’ll see!
    Thanks for the news CHU!
    Is anyone else spek’n on this yet?

  2. The end of a recent episode of arrow already teased the coming of Suicide Squad. Does an appearance on Arrow really drive up a first apperance? Brother Blood is the big bad this season but I don’t think his first appearance has risen. Bronze Tiger is also on the show, has 1st issue risen? I personally don’t think this willbe a big deal. But I could be wrong.

      1. Certainly, it’s worth noting any news that could effect the market. I just think this particular issue is unlikely to rise in value.

  3. Ah man, the seller emailed and told me that one of the sets of the DC Legends, 6-part mini-series that I bought from him has gone missing from his inventory…hmmmmm, I wonder if he quickly researched WHY I was buying two sets, and then pulled one FOR FUTURE SALE????????
    I don’t know that for sure, but hey, all I know is I’m down one set all of a sudden! How could you have an EBAY auction, and all of a sudden not have the product available after the auction????????
    Anyway, I think I can quickly get another set cheap before the news hits global outlets.
    @garwall, I hear you dude…some books just doesn’t do it for me, despite the news…Ms. Marvel didn’t float my boat at all, but I’m just ate-up with the spek game, so I grabbed two #1’s JUST IN CASE!
    Like CHU reported, issue #3 of the 6-part mini is the 1ST re-appearance of the Suicide Squad. And like PROPHECY75 said, Suicide Squad ‘MAY’ have carved-out some serious TV time coming up!
    I’ve been spek’n for a while now, and all signs point upwards for this issue to rise in value once some positive news start to swirl about this issue.
    Plus, the NUMBER ONE RULE in spek’n is: BUYUM’ CHEAP – SELLUM’ HIGH!!!!!!!
    I think these books are cheap enough RIGHT NOW that you can’t loose really…if this tv project doesn’t pan out, oh well, I spent what $25 on a few comics…but if the TV show is made, and positively received by the comics community………BOOM….INSTANT PRICE RISE! Then everyone will be scramblin’ trying to find copies IN VF+ TO NM condition, and they just won’t be out there. Then of course, you’ll have to spend $30-40 to get an issue….blah, blah!
    Anyway, thanks CHU for the tip…I’M IN!

      1. No reason to. It’s just speculation. In the end it is all just educated guesses. I am not trying to sell anybody on the books. I just show the info and let people decide for themselves. I want everyone to express their opinions whether they agree or not.

      2. hahahahaha, no need dude! I think EVERYONE should be skeptical in this game. You bag some, and some get away…who knows what’s going to happen, but like ComicFlipper said, you just have to go with what you feel, based on the information that you have!
        Shooot, I’m definitely not guaranteeing ANYTHING based on my comments here, it’s just my personal opinion (and money) regarding the potential ‘UPTICK’ in value of these comics.
        I hope I’m right, but let’s just say…I’VE CERTAINLY BEEN WRONG BEFORE!

  4. @ComicFlipper, I simply grabbed this from the Bleeding Cool Website, so if you need permission to post this…it has a January 2014 date, so I’m not sure if everyone is granted full ‘postable’ access to it!
    It is the Original Screenplay for the UPCOMING Suicide Squad TV / MOVIE / ANIMATED show. We’re not 100% sure which medium the producers will use, but this screenplay will be the source for the material:
    Search for early Fallout appearances anyone????????

  5. Also, is this the 1st Deadshot that you were referring to:
    DC COMICS BATMAN DETECTIVE COMICS #474 1st appearance new deadshot.
    My search begins if it is!

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