New Small Press Series #1's for delivery on 2/26/14

Quite a few new series worth taking a look at next Wednesday. These are non-big-two books (no new Marvel and Dc books as books like Fantastic Four #1 will get spotlighted everywhere).

Vandroid #1 Dark Horse- From Fan Favorite Tommy Lee Edwards- When Palm Springs Entertainment studios burned to the ground in 1984, the most definitive motion picture of a generation was lost before its time. Thirty years later, the extraordinary talents of Tommy Lee Edwards, Noah Smith, and Dan McDaid unite to resurrect this lost epic. Check out for the super-fun yet cheesy Movie Trailer and sound track!
Tomb Raider #1 Dark Horse- Written by real life Super-heroine Gail Simone- Following the game acclaimed for its bold and sophisticated new vision, this series launches Lara Croft on the formative adventures that will change her life forever
One Hit Wonder #1 Image Comics- If there was a thin line between reality and fiction, Richie Reese tore it down. Better, he crushed it. Smashed it. Destroyed it. From child star to hitman in Hollywood, this is the story of a glorious bastard.
Pariah #1 Dark Horse- Trapped in space, the genetically engineered geniuses known as “vitros” must band together and create a plan to get back to Earth before their failing satellite turns into a deathtrap!
Revenge #1 Image Comics- Nudity, Check! Body Modified Midgets, Check! Violence, Check! by Jonathan Ross, Ian Churchill. I fthis does get hot, you may want to check out the first appearance of the book on the flip side of Elephantmen 52
Edge of Empire #1 Antarctic Press- A trio of noble sisters, all mighty mages and steam-tech experts, use their wits and combat savvy to aid their teammates in a dungeon quest gone horribly wrong. Then they must face a smug emperor and his warrior hordes in a Colosseum of Carnage! Rod Espinosa, steampunk story-weaver extraordinaire, forges a world of grand adventure, where magic and mechanisms mix marvelously!

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