Harley Quinn on Arrow?

Season 2 Episode 16 is going to be the one episode of Arrow to watch even if you do not watch arrow. The Suicide Squad will be in full force, and looks like Slade gets his Deathstroke mask. And looks like Joker’s girl Harley is featured as well.
Watch the trailer and look around 7 seconds:

Did you see the blonde, with pale skin, in the yellow jump suit, with the pig tails?
Harley Quinn
Yeah, it could be anyone. But think about it. Who is in charge of the Suicide Squad in the new 52?
Might be worth tracking down copies of Suicide Squad #1 New 52 before the March 19th air date. Suicide Squad #7 might also be worth the hunt, since it is the New 52 origin for Harley.

One thought on “Harley Quinn on Arrow?”

  1. My comic shop is selling a copy of SS #1 for $36, is that still worth getting?
    I’ll definitely be checking out the episode, very interesting.

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