Alexander Luthor Speculation updated.

Got an e-mail from Larry from Larry’s comics this morning in reference to this. Forever Evil #6 came out today and there were some pretty big reveals in it. With the big reveals comes some additional speculation.

Forever Evil #6 prominently features Alexander Luther see picture below: photo 2 Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 is Alexander’s first appearance. Seems like it is kind of a key issue now. Copies start on ebay as low as .99 cents, and bids are starting to hit all the cheaper copies. Up until today, copies went without bids. Might be time to think about getting a copy?
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The question has come up, is it Alexander Luthor Sr or Jr. That is still up in the air. Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 is the first appearance of Luthor Jr. Luthor Senior’s firs appearance was in DC Comics Presents Annual #1.

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