Walking Dead Spec: Are the "Hunters" the big bad for the TV show?

If you follow the comic, The Walking Dead, and you follow the TV show, you will know not all things line up. But some things do. The events with the Governor attacking the prison, and the survivors led by Rick leaving, kind of jibes with what happened in the comic.
The characters on the TV show are all heading in the same geographical direction, now that the attack of the prison is over, they are scattered to the four corners, but they are all moving towards Terminus. The characters are all beaten down and weak and are really susceptible to dangers. Could that danger be the cannibal group known as “The Hunters”.
It would make sense, as I have said earlier, not all things match the books but some things do.
The Hunters are a group of cannibals who are eating people to survive. We did just meet a new group that picks up Darryl. The leader of the group makes mention that he sees that they are alike. This well armed group could turn out to be the hunters. Or maybe the Terminus houses The Hunters. Which ever, it is looking more and more likely that the hunters could be next seasons big bad.
The Fear the Hunters runs through The Walking Dead #61 (which is already a hard book to come by as it is the first appearance of Chew on the flip side of the books), 62, 63, 64, 65, and 66.
While some of the prices seem kind of high, just think back to how high Walking Dead 53 shot up after Rose, Eugene, and Abraham were introduced on the show.
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15 thoughts on “Walking Dead Spec: Are the "Hunters" the big bad for the TV show?”

  1. I was thinking we were meeting the “Hunters” when they came into the house where Rick and company were staying. After seeing the episode when they pick up Daryl, I’m betting it is the similarity between the book and show. Will the be cannibals in the show or just really bad people killing other people for fun, we’ll see for sure.

  2. Yes, it was mentioned somewhere (I can’t remember where) that the Hunters are in fact the new villains . I’m 100% sure of this but unfortunately i can’t remember where i’ve read it to prove it.

  3. It doesn’t seem like the group Daryl met is the hunters. Wouldn’t they have ate the guy they killed? Plus, the hunters had a home base and stalked their prey and picked them off when they had the opportunity. This group is more nomadic.

      1. Nah, I think if they’re gonna put Negan in the show, he’s gonna actually go by the name “Negan” and look more like the guy. Plus I think they’re gonna drag it out a bit at Terminus before perhaps they head to DC, like in the comic. They aren’t likely going to bypass the storyline in the comic book me thinks..

    1. Remember, they always change up the show a bit. So they likely could portray the “Hunters” from the comics without being cannibals.

      1. Very true. Hunters could be a little different than the books. Could the people at terminus be cannibals???
        I doubt they would introduce Negan so soon. Seems like a lot of plot to skip over. I have to go back and read the trades to see what might be next…

      2. Yeah, introducing Negan now would be skipping a whole lot, then they’d be in territory that surpasses the comic.
        Who knows what Terminus is going to be all about, it’s not in the comic so it’s all show only material probably while they’re there. I can only imagine the “Hunters” group is gonna cause some issues with the settlement since they know about it and are trying to find the mysterious “Rick” who killed their guy that turned in the house.. 😉

  4. After reading walking dead wiki for a quick recap, seems like Terminus could be Alexandria. So maybe Aaron will appear on the show? Issue #67 is his first appearance.

      1. So terminus might just be TV only… Guess we’ll find out next season, as the season finale next week will no doubt leave us hanging.

        1. I am sure it will leave us hanging. But two things keyed me into them being cannibals. First, the big honking grill sitting there. The second was the ominous sounding, “get you something to eat”. I fully expect next episode for everything to start off nice and them when the rest of the survivors get there, someone stumbling onto their meat supply. Or the group looking for rick stumbles in and turn out to be the hunters. The reason that also sticks out is the “rules of the hunt no longer apply” quote. But they did not take their kill when they are arrowed rabbit boy through the eye.

      2. Yeah, unless Kirkman writes the Terminus stuff into the comic after this All Out War, I doubt we’ll see Terminus in the comic.

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