Heavy.com article gives credence to "The Hunters" in Walking Dead

A great article ran showing the potential for the Hunters to be on The Walking Dead TV show.
The Article gives 10 clues from both the TV show and the comic that lead them to think that The hunters will be a lock. The Fear the Hunters runs through The Walking Dead #61 (which is already a hard book to come by as it is the first appearance of Chew on the flip side of the books), 62, 63, 64, 65, and 66.
Thanks to Shima for the heads up on the article.

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      1. Also noteworthy is it’s Gabriel’s (Priest) first appearance who actually still happens to be alive in the comic series, although plays a very small part, hasn’t been seen lately in the All Out War, probably hiding in his new Church in Alexandria, since that’s how Rick and company found him, hiding in his church before he joined them..
        Also, 61 was the first issue on the “Fear the Hunters” story line which is actually 6 issues long but the covers indicating the story start on Issue 62 and claim it’s a 1 of 5 series. 😉

      2. Oh I know, I was pointing out that the “Fear the Hunters” story does start in issue 61 but they didn’t put it on the cover of 61. Cover 62 has “Fear the Hunters 1 of 5” and the others all claim they’re # out of 5 which is another goof up.

  1. ahhh I see i see ….do you expect a price jump on 63 being that its the actual 1st appearance or should I focus on the 61?

    1. That’s not a bad trade. But people keep talking Manifest #1 is on fire but #2 and #3 are also on fire, seems most are going for $15 or more. I wish I doubled up on these (I’m now doubling up since #4). I only bought multiple copies of #1 initially..

      1. Yea Drew, I initially tripled-up on #1, and only grabbed 1 copy of #2, then I stopped grabbing issues. I thought MD would fizzle….hahhahahhhahaha
        I’m holding my 3 #1’s and single #2, but will add to get my 3 complete sets soon.
        No doubt, this title IS HOT!

      2. Is MD worth getting graded? I have an ottley I could get pressed/graded, but don’t know how long that would take. Heat might be over by then…

      3. I have a feeling Manifest Destiny is gonna end up like Peter Panzerfaust.. smaller print runs initially are gonna keep the demand up, then the later issues start to fizzle since they’ll start printing more. I have a feeling it’s only gonna stay or get more popular.

  2. What was the issue where Rick bit a chunk of someones neck?
    they said last night that scene was from the comic as well

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